Brad Gibb wins Radio Program Director of the year for second straight year


By Joel Charron


An Amherstburg native recently won an award at the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards for the second straight year.

Brad Gibb, 36, won  Program Director of the Year of a medium-sized market for his efforts at    FM-96 in London.

The award ceremony was held at the Kool Haus in Toronto.

Gibb said it is a reflection of the people with whom he works with and it is a special award as he is recognized for doing something he loves doing.

“It’s a great feeling just to be mentioned in a great group of people,” said Gibb. “I really don’t know how to explain it. It’s just really  a nice feeling to be honoured for something I do and love.”

Gibb mentioned a number of factors are considered, including ratings and the commitment to developing Canadian talent including on-air talent as well as Canadian musicians. Having a good relationship with members of the Canadian music industry is also a component.

Along with being named program director of the year, Brad Gibb also won a Golden Crystal Award for a NHLPA public service announcement

Along with being named program director of the year, Brad Gibb also won a Golden Crystal Award for a NHLPA public service announcement

Gibb has spent 15 years in the radio industry.

The 36-year-old also mentioned the radio industry can be fast paced and stressful at times. He said that everyone at FM-96 is passionate about their jobs and work very hard however it’s the fun banter in the hallways that keep everyone at ease.

“If we are having fun in the hall then we are having fun in the studio and if we are having fun in the studio then we are having fun on the air,” he explained. “People like to listen to fun things.”

Gibb said the secret to his success really isn’t a secret at all, he merely love what he is doing.

“I love what I do,” he said. “When you are doing something that you love to do it really shows in the quality of work you put forth.”

This isn’t the only award Gibb was honoured with this year. He also won a Golden Crystal Award for radio advertising early this year.

Gibb said FM-96 won the award for a humorous NHLPA public service annoucement they put together during the NHL lockout.

“We had a little fun with this,” said Gibb. “I took the average NHL player salary, which is two and a half million and busted it down to how much that is a week, hour, minute and second.”

Gibb said he wanted to make light of the lockout.

“Most Canadians were bummed about the whole lockout and we decided to do a parody on the whole thing,” he said.

After attending Fanshawe College, his first radio stops were in Windsor at 89X and The River as well as CKLW. In 2000, he went to London where he spent eight years with the Corus Entertainment stations, including FM-96, before moving up the company and took a job in Kingston for two years. He then moved back to London when he got the program director job.

Gibb currently lives in London with his wife Kristen and three and a half year old daughter Mia.

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