Bob Rozankovic throws hat into ring and seeks council seat


Bob RozankovicBy Ron Giofu


A relative newcomer to the political scene is seeking a position as a councillor.

Bob Rozankovic has filed his nomination papers at town hall and is attempting to call that his new workplace should voters elect him Oct. 27. Rozankovic has been an Amherstburg resident for the last 14 years and is engaged to a woman who has lived in town for over 25 years.

“I love it here,” said Rozankovic, who is semi-retired from the plastics and tooling industry though he still does some consulting. “We’ve made a conscious decision to retire here.”

Rozankovic said he has encountered “a lot of unhappy people with the current council” and believes new faces could be on the horizon when the new council officially takes office Dec. 1. He believes his background could be helpful on council.

“My background in project management and handling millions of dollars in projects could lend itself to the situation here,” said Rozankovic. “The town needs to be run more like a business. We need to look at cost cutting. We need to look at efficiencies in delivering services.”

Rozankovic believes the town can get out of its current financial situation without taking the Entegrus offer for the Essex Power shares. Council needs to get the correct financial information going forward, he added, but noted that maybe in the past some council members didn’t know what questions to ask.

Believing the town is “stagnating,” Rozankovic said more businesses and residents have to be attracted but the town’s debt issues have to be resolved.

“When you look at the debt situation, we are backing ourselves into a corner where people don’t want to live or invest here,” he stated.

Running for council has been a decision Rozankovic has been considering since Christmas. In attending meetings since then, he believes there are good intentions but change is needed in the way business is operating.

“I don’t think anyone on council is a bad person. I just think they’ve abdicated a lot of responsibility to administration and let them run the show,” he said. “It’s still council’s responsibility to run the show and make things work.”

The councillor candidate said he doesn’t see a team approach on council.

“I see a lot of petty bickering,” said Rozankovic, who questions if council members vote with their colleagues and personal agendas.

“The underlying theme is it’s not a team effort to make things work,” he said. “Once the road is decided upon, you leave all the pettiness behind. You can’t continue with the bickering because you don’t agree with the decision.”

Stating his platform will develop in time, he believed “fresh talent” is needed on council but acknowledged an entire council of newcomers would not be advantageous either.

“If you have a whole new slate of new faces, it’s going to take a long time to get things up and running properly,” said Rozankovic.


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