Bob-lo’s past relived through student art

By Jolene Perron

General Amherst High School students are proudly showing their artwork at Bob-lo Island’s local restaurant for all to see.

The artwork, which is being showcased now on the Bob-lo Island Beach House restaurant, was part of the student’s curriculum in their grade ten art class.

Since the students are too young to remember Bob-lo Island and it’s amusement park, students had to do lots research and gathered photos taken years ago at Bob-lo‘s amusement park as well as boats traveling to Bob-lo Island.

The students projected the pictures onto the canvases, drew out the pictures and painted them. Some pictures even required a little more imagination than they‘d bargained for.

“Some of their photo’s didn’t even have colour,” said Jacqui Janzen, art teacher at General Amherst.

Grade 10 General Amherst students were invited to see their final product on displpay on Bob-lo Island on June 22. (L to R) Jessica Klingbyle, Tyler Moldovan, Katie Breault, Karen McCormick, Rebecca Down, Kimberly McEvoy and teacher Jacqui Janzen.

In each piece of work everyone can examine gorgeous scenery which is complemented by beautiful colours and fantastic imagination. After painting their artwork in house paint, they coated them in a special translucent paint to protect the art from the weather. Janzen says if they coat them every two years, the artwork should last a very long time and they will keep the artwork displayed as long as it lasts.

Lorene Clayton, operations director at Bob-lo Island, got together with Janzen and invited her to showcase the student’s artwork on the island. Clayton says it’s part of the “evolution” which Bob-lo Island is going through. Bob-lo is quickly becoming the spot to be for retirees, vacationers or for people who just want to spend the day away.

“Everyone remembers Bob-lo for it’s amusement park,” said Clayton, “but it’s so much more than that now.”

The artwork itself is truly a reflection on the students themselves.

They may only be grade ten students, but they have a true talent for art. Everyone can see the hard work the students put in to each piece and they are more than proud of it.

“It’s just so cool,” said Jessica Klingbyle, General Amherst Grade 10 art student. “Our artwork is going to be here for a long time and everyone’s going to see it.”

Janzen even took some of her students to Bob-lo Island after their first period exams last Wednesday to see their artwork on display and to enjoy a meal at the Bob-lo Island Beach House Restaurant.

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