Big Buck Sunday and 3D archery shoot presented by AMA Sportsmen Association



Special to the RTT


The AMA Sportsmen Association kicked off their 2016 3D archery shooting season March 13 with the annual “Big Buck Sunday and 3D Archery Shoot.”

It was a rainy, dreary day. This scared off the normal group of senior adults that always come out for the season opener of the “AMA 3D shoots” (they must have feared melting in the rain). The day did, however, bring out 11 shooters of which all but two were under the age of 20 and the other two were under 30. For most of these younger shooters, it was their first attempt at shooting 3D target such as live deer, bears, wild board, turkeys and raccoons. All of these young shooters were given an AMA Sportsmen pin for their brave participation in this event.

Meanwhile, back in the dryness and warmth of the clubhouse on Lowes Side Road, there was a fine continental breakfast and chicken wing lunch prepared by a few members of the Sportsmen Club.

Jim Branch, an official scorer of antlers, was there to score the antlers brought in by local hunters. One pair of antlers scored impressively which qualified them for a place in “The Big Game of Records of Ontario” produced by the Foundation for the Recognition of Ontario Wildlife. It was in the class of whitetail deer taken with a “muzzleloader.”

Over 200 passed through the club to browse and purchase some of the many items on display in the back hall of the club by over 14 local vendors. They displayed and sold their merchandise, which included hunting cloths, T-shirts, archery equipment, hunting and fishing tackle, a few used bows and guns, rodent traps, handcrafted hats, scarves and quilts, along with Avon, Scentsy warmers and wax bars, jewelry, and even mideval swords and more.

Be sure not to miss this event happening about the same time next year. Watch this paper for the actual date and time.

AMA Sportsmen wish to thank the local vendors and the brave young archers as well as the hard work of some of their members who made this event a fun time for all. Do not forget that anyone interested in the sport of archery is welcome to participate in all of the Sportsmen Club’s 3D shoots. The next shoot is April 10.

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