Belle Vue part of National Trust for Canada’s online funding competition



By Ron Giofu


The Belle Vue project has been selected to compete for cash in the National Trust for Canada’s “This Place Matters” competition.

Anne Rota, the town’s manager of tourism and culture, said Belle Vue was entered into the competition with the National Trust for Canada approving the project’s entry. Rota explained that the “This Place Matters” competition started in June 2015 with a campaign to save Nova Scotia lighthouses.

“Since then, the National Trust for Canada puts out a call for sites needing support for renovations, renewal and saving,” said Rota. “The Belle Vue House was accepted this year.”

The Belle Vue project can win up to $60,000 should it come first place nationally in the “big project” category, with “big projects” categorized as projects with budgets over $60,000. Amherstburg is in the central region and a first-place result in that could see Belle Vue land at least $30,000.

“It’s a pretty tough competition but this is where we need the community’s help,” said Rota.

It is an online voting competition and people can vote daily.


“It is based on the number of votes,” said Rota. “We encourage everyone to vote every single day. If they have multiple e-mail addresses, use them. Every single vote counts.

There is a second component to the “This Place Matters” competition, Rota continued, as people can also make donations through the “This Place Matters” website,

“Donating is optional but every $1 people donate equals one vote,” she said. “If you were even thinking of donating to the Belle Vue project, now would be the time. Tax receipts will be generated from the National Trust for Canada.”

Donations collected through that site will still flow to Belle Vue, Rota added.

“The bonus is, even if we don’t win, the Belle Vue house gets to keep any donation that comes in,” she said.


If the town were successful in winning the $60,000, it would go towards replacing windows at the 200-year-old Dalhousie St. mansion.

“Hopefully we can get some of the plywood off of the windows soon,” said Rota, who is also the town’s liaison to the Belle Vue Conservancy.

Rota described the fundraising efforts as “picking up momentum” and the “This Place Matters” campaign as another avenue to help in raising the $1 million the conservancy seeks.

“We just know we can do it,” said Rota. “This community has always gotten behind and rallied for great projects.”

Voting takes place and donations can be made through the website People can register their e-mails free of charge at the site and can vote once every 24 hours.

The contest opened June 15 at noon and closes July 17 at noon.


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