Beautiful day for a Miracle

By Joel Charron

The laughter and smiles returned as the Miracle League celebrated its opening day this past weekend.

The Miracle League was welcomed back to the specially designed Miracle League baseball diamond under near perfect weather conditions.

“Today is just perfect,” said Miracle League public relations director, Michelle Vigueux. “This is just as exciting as opening day for the Detroit Tigers.”

This is the first full season that the Miracle League gets to call their new diamond “home.” Last season, because of construction issues the Miracle League was only able to hold just a few games, however now all the construction is complete and all the pieces are in place.

“The players just want to play ball and we want to give them the experience of playing baseball,” said Vigueux.

In just one year, the Miracle League has already grown from 90 players to now 108 players with still some left on a waiting list. Vigueux said those on the waiting list will not have to wait long because they are actively looking for a spot for them to play.

“We don’t want to disappoint anybody. Everyone deserves to play,” Vigueux said.

Vigueux said the organization has learnt a lot from the previous season.  She mentioned that the Miracle League board of directors and their volunteers are focusing on being very organized so they are able to maximize their potential.

“We have a schedule so we know that everything is covered and more people are responsible for certain areas so we can be as efficient as possible,” explained Vigueux.

Vigueux added that it is the over 100 volunteers that help make the Miracle League run as smoothly as it does. She also said that they are always looking for more volunteers.

“We can never have enough,” she joked.

Vigueux said that other organizations such as the John McGivney Centre have contacted her about using the Miracle Diamond so their students can play baseball.

“We want this to be a community diamond and to get the most out of it,” said Vigueux. “It’s here for the community and we want the community to use it.”

Miracle League chairman Chuck Bondy was just happy to see the league back and making children smile.

“It’s all about the kids,” he said through a smile. “With all our volunteers and our sponsors, everything is just incredible.”

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