Anoymous donation fills bellies during Christmas

By Joel Charron

Thanks to an anonymous donor several Amherstburg families will have a glorious Christmas dinner this year.

According to Denise Bondy, president of the Amherstburg Conference of St. Vincent de Paul, a donation has been given to the organization from a man who wishes to be nameless.

The donation will be given to families in the form of a food voucher, where they can purchase whatever type of meat they wish to choose from Wigle’s Gourmet Meat & Deli.


No one’s table will be bare this Christmas, thanks to an anonymous donor’s generousity. In photo: (L to R) Wigle’s Gourmet Meat & Deli employee Elaine Sonier and President of the Amherstburg conference of St. Vincent de Paul Denise Bondy.

“This is what Christmas is all about,” said Steve Wigle, owner of Wigle’s Gourmet Meats & Deli. “Everyone should enjoy Christmas, not just those who can afford it.”

The St. Vincent de Paul has been operating in town for roughly 60 years.

“We really kind of fly under the radar,” said Bondy. “We don’t actively solicit or look for publicity. We exist on the support of parishioners of St. John the Baptist Church and other citizens who give to us.”

When it comes down to their Christmas program, the St. Vincent de Paul contacts every household who has asked them for help, even once in the last year to ask them if they need assistance during the holiday season.

“Some of them will tell us ‘no thank you, we’re ok now’ but others will say ‘yes, we do need help,” explained Bondy

St. Vincent de Paul doesn’t only help with Christmas dinner but also provides Christmas gifts for children.

“Every house will get the resources for Christmas dinner,” Bondy stated.

Bondy noted that the food voucher could be use for any type of meat at Wigle’s Gourmet Meats & Deli.

“Not everyone likes turkey,” she said. “We want families to have what they want to have on Christmas.”

The vouchers, along with children’s Christmas presents will be handed out sometime this week.

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