Anderdon Public vice-principal picked up by Crime Stoppers

By Joel Charron

When Anderdon Public School vice-principal Nino Palazzola went into work Thursday morning, he never thought he would be going to jail that day.

As a playful prank, Grade 6 teacher Mary Ewer arranged for Palazzola to be “arrested” in front of the entire school during a mock assembly Thursday afternoon.

Palazzola’s arrest was part of Crime Stoppers Bail or Jail fundraiser.

Ewer said she came up with the idea of getting Palazzola arrested because she and her teaching partner attend Police Week at the Devonshire Mall each year and thought it would be “funny” to see Palazzola in the jail this year.

Anderdon Public School vice-principal Nino Palazzolo (middle is take into custody by “Superwomen” Kim Klyn and “Officer” Joe Howe as part of the Crime Stoppers "Bail or Jail" fundraising program.

Although, Ewer was able to contact Crime Stoppers to get Palazzola on the list, the students would not be able to see their vice-principal in “jail” because Police Week takes place the following week.

“I put this together yesterday (Wednesday) and I called my friend at Crime Stoppers and got everything hooked up,” explained Ewer.

Together with the rest of the staff, they baited Palazzola into thinking he would be presenting music teacher Melody Fitzpatrick with an award from the Kiwanis club.

When the student body gathered in the gymnasium, principal Diane Beck was notified that Crime Stoppers was lost and they had to stall.

Just minutes later, as Palazzola gave up the microphone to another teacher, he was surprised to hear his name being called out by a Crime Stoppers representative dressed as Wonder Women (Kim Kyln.)

Wonder Women read out the list of charges that Palazzola was under arrest for, putting too much salt in his soup, playing his guitar in the hall while class is in session and giving no rides in his black corvette.

Palazzola was handcuffed and brought to Devonshire Mall.

“I have to go pick him up now…he has a meeting later this afternoon,” joke Ewer.

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