Anderdon Public School students stage “Willy Wonka Jr.”


By Ron Giofu


A production that was eight months in the making took to the stage at Anderdon Public School last week.

The public elementary school presented “Willy Wonka Jr.” with the opening night being last Wednesday and shows running through Friday. Approximately 120 students, staff and parents helped present the musical with rehearsals dating back to September.

Sonia Donatelli-Scott, one of the teachers and directors, thanked the students in front of the crowd last Wednesday night in the school’s gymnasium. She praised their dedication in helping to put the musical together.

“You took the time and made this a theatre family,” she told the performers and crew after they assembled on stage.

Principal Pam Badiuk pointed out that auditions date as far back as the 2017-18 school year.

All of the students that participated had some sort of a role they had to fulfill, whether in front of or behind the curtain, she added.

“Every child has a job,” Badiuk said after last Wednesday night’s performance.

The students also had a big hand in creating the sets, she added.

“Everything is created by the kids,” she said.

“Willy Wonka Jr.” gave the students “a chance to shine,” Badiuk added.

Students were known to encourage each other during rehearsals and Badiuk agreed with Scott that they came together as a group.

“It was a great lesson on how to become a community,” she said.

For more photos from the performance, check out our Facebook album.

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