Anderdon Public School holds fourth annual “Zumbathon”



By Jolene Perron


Anderdon Public School’s Zumbathon takes the fun of Zumba and pairs it with a fundraiser, which has brought in $10,000 in past years for the school.

“It pretty much just gets the kids active and keeps them moving,” explained parent council chair, Jackie Sideris. “In this day and age with the technology, a lot of kids are sedentary, they don’t want to go outside or do anything. This incorporates that. We have done a lot of walk a thons, and read a thons in the past, but this actually gets them moving, listening to music, so they really enjoy it, and it gets them out of class.”

Parent council organizes the event, with all of the money raised going back into the school. The money has gone towards field trips, VIP t-shirts, instruments, iPads, whiteboards, and this year are the jersey’s for the athletic departments.

Anderdon Public School held their fourth annual Zumbathon, taught by Kelly French, owner of Kelly’s Dancing Kids in Amherstburg. She stood on stage to direct the classes on how to move to the music November 2.

“It’s been a very successful fundraiser for parent council over the years,” said Anderdon Public School vice principal Victoria MacPherson-Blencoe. “It combines some fun dance moves with some very energetic aerobics and students all seem to really enjoy it. They raise a great deal of money with this one event and the money is used in many ways to benefit all of the students as well, we’ve generated a lot of prizes for all of our students so everybody comes out feeling like a winner.”

From pizza parties for the top classes, to prizes for the top students who raised the most money individually, to a draw of prizes, it ensures everyone comes out feeling like a winner. Above all else, the students are helping their school while also being physically active.

“This year is our first year with Kelly French, she’s the Zumbathon instructor, she seems fantastic. She also has her own company as well, so she does Zumba in the community of Amherstburg as well,” said Sideris. “What kid doesn’t love to be out of class? They love it, if they could they would probably stay all day in the gym.”


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