Amherst’s Dave Scott celebrates 40 years of coaching


By Joel Charron

Coaching is a passion that has burnt bright inside Dave Scott for the past 40 years.

This past Friday, The General Amherst track team paid homage to their long time coach by holding a little ceremony to honour Scott’s 40 years of coaching.

Scott was clueless of the celebration; believing the gathering was to recognize the athletes that qualified for SWOSSAA.

Scott said he found his way into coaching after being an athlete himself. He noted that coaching his something that he always enjoyed. Scott even continued coaching after he retired as a physical education teacher for General Amherst, almost 10 years ago.

“I just love coaching. It keeps me young,” he said. “It’s a very rewarding situation where you see kids mature.”

Although Scott has coached almost every sport during his career, he said he enjoys watching an athlete develop in a sport like track and field.


Dave Scott poses with his track team shortly after the team surprised him with a cake to celebration his 40 years of coaching.

“You can watch a kid go from nothing to something over a few years,” explained Scott. “Those people start with nothing and move forward. It’s never a one year process.”

He noted that track and field is a sport where competitors compete against a clock or a distance.

“Winning is secondary,” said Scott. “It’s about moving forward from the last time they performed.”

Along with coaching track, Scott has and still does coach basketball and football and has racked up championships in those sports over the years. He started coaching track four decades ago even though he admittedly didn’t excel at the sport as an athlete.

“I tried to be an expert at every event,” joked Scott.

Over the years, Scott has seen his track team win 22 AA titles and 18 SWOSSAA titles not to mention multiple championships in other sports.

Scott has a lot of memories over the last 40 years, however he recalled one year in the mid 1990’s when Tina McDonald, Emerson Jones, Shawn Fryer and Jon Davis all went to U.S. universities on scholarship.

Former Amherst student and track star Meaghan Marton said Scott’s coaching helped her progress as an athlete. Marton, now a student at the University of Windsor, now assists Scott with the Amherst track team.

“I admire him for coaching for 40 years,” said Marton. “He doesn’t even teach here anymore. Because of what he does, he makes our athletes better.

Marton noted that athleticism can only take a person so far, it’s “great coaching is what being you along even more.”

“He expects his athletes to work just as hard as he does and that’s what I’ve done and that’s what I plan on doing,” added Marton.

Marton said Scott has inspired her to pursue coaching avenues when she has finished competing.

Brandon Allen, one of Scott’s current track stars said he admires Scott for the commitment he puts towards his athletes.

“There’s a tremendous amount of time and effort he puts in,” he said. “He always pushes us to strive for our goals.”

He also said that Scott keeps the track team loose and motivated for every meet and practice.

“He’s always pushing us to better than our last time,” stated Allen.

With 40 years under his belt, Scott said he feels great and has no plan on hanging up his whistle any time soon.

“We’re not done yet,” said Scott

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