Amherst’s Brandon Allen Strikes Gold at OFSSAA Track Championships


Special to the RTT

About 2,500 of Ontario’s best track athletes gathered together for the 2013 OFSAA All Ontario Track and Field Championship at the Oshawa Track Complex.

Twenty-four of Ontario’s best competed in each track and field event. These 24 athletes were the best four finishers in the six regions of Ontario.

General Amherst sent six athletes to these OFSAA Championships and all six had tremendous success. Brandon Allen completed his final high school track event in golden fashion as he captured a gold medal in one of the most competitive senior 3000-meter races in the history of OFSAA Track.Track

With two laps remaining five of the most elite 3000-meter runners in the province battled for OFSAA gold. With three quarters of the bell lap remaining Brandon Allen flew past the OFSAA Cross Country Champion to win by 15 meters.

This was Brandon’s first gold medal of OFSAA. (8.14.33)

Brandon also captured a silver medal in the most competitive 2000-meter steeplechase in the last 30 years. (5.45.3) A bronze medal was captured by Jaiden Mulder in the midget girls 80-meter hurdles. Jaiden finished third in her semifinal and repeated the performance in the final. (12.78) Jasmine Hurst also qualified for OFSAA finals in Junior 80 meter hurdles and finished fourth in the province. Jaiden and Jasmine were the first Amherst track athletes in history to reach the final in 80-meter sprint hurdles. Congratulations to both.

Keely Gibb battling a back injury made her first jump the best (10.65m) to capture fifth place in the midget girls triple jump. Joseph Gignac missed qualifying for the final in junior boys 300-meter hurdles but can be very proud finishing ninth in the province. Zack Riddell also finished ninth in the midget boys discus.

Congratulations to all six Amherst track athletes who captured one gold, one silver, one bronze, one fourth, one fifth, and two ninths. Mr. Dave Scott would like to sincerely thank Stephanie Bondy for all her help this year. Without her help this year’s team would certainly have suffered. Thanks also extended to Frank Bauer and Scott Riddell for their help in javelin and discus.

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