Amherstburg’s St.Peter’s ACHS College School wins elementary school hockey tournament



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St. Peter’s ACHS College School was the talk of Toronto this week when they won the final elementary school junior hockey tournament for the year in Mississauga.

Both parents and players of the small private school in Amherstburg were jubilant after their 2-1 victory against the Royal Orchard Falcons. How was it that this tiny school would win this prestigious school hockey tournament in the GTA?

It has been a long season for students at St. Peter’s ACHS College School. It started in October with weekly Wednesday morning scrimmages. The school’s unconventional coaching style pushed “team play” as opposed to just “drill and skill.” The school’s headmaster and coach Peter Thyrring said: “The players already get drilled enough with their winter hockey teams. We want our players to be able to work and creatively play together.”

That philosophy has repeatedly paid off this season. It first showed when St. Peter’s ACHS College School played in the All Saints Tournament and took home silver after losing in double overtime to St. Timothy RCS. They would have to rely on their team philosophy again to compete in this tournament hosted by the Dufferin/Peel/Caledon Regional Champions – St. Timothy RCS.

St. Peter's ACHS College School captured the St. Timothy Invitational Hockey Tournament. (Submitted photo)

St. Peter’s ACHS College School captured the St. Timothy Invitational Hockey Tournament. (Submitted photo)

Departing Sunday, and battling a snow storm to get to the GTA, players hooked up with alumni parents and players for dinner in Maple (a former home of St. Peter’s ACHS College School). Without much sleep, the players got up Monday morning at 5:30 a.m. for their first game later that morning against St. Julia RCS. After a rough start and going into a shoot-out, Cameron Sinasac netted the winning goal to beat St. Julia RCS 4-3.

In the second game, St. Francis RCS came determined to avenge their loss to St. Peter’s in the last tournament. This time, St. Peter’s could not hold off St. Francis and fell 2-1 in a tight game.

In the third game St. Peter’s ACHS was losing 3-0 against Royal Orchard when, at the end of the second period, they roared back to life on a goal scored by Tyson Dorey. St. Peter’s did not let up after that. Continued efforts on the wings by Beckham Sawchuk and Kaden Campbell helped set the tone for Tyson Dorey, Jackson Cole and J.T. Langlois who combined to score an additional three goals for a 4-3 victory.

In the semi finals, St. Peter’s faced off against the Dufferin/Peel/Caledon Regional Champions St. Timothy RCS. With their powerful squad lead by their “AAA” goalie, scoring would be hard to come by. The three man defensive core of Cameron Sinasac, James O’Niell and Noah Duggan helped goalie Joseph Giordano hold the game scoreless through the first period and a half. That was when St. Peter’s T.J. Langlois drove down the ice and backhanded the puck over the goalie’s shoulder and in, propelling St. Peter’s into the championship with a shutout win.

In the finals, St. Peter’s would once again have to face the tournament favourite Royal Orchard. In the second period, Cameron Sinasac opened the scoring with a blistering shot from the point to lead St. Peter’s to a 1-0 lead. However, Royal Orchard pounded the St. Peter’s net with shot after shot until they finally got through in the third period to tie the game 1-1. With only six minutes left in the game, Deven Bastien scored an amazing goal to put St. Peter’s ACHS College school ahead. Both schools continued to battle until the final buzzer went. St. Peter’s ACHS College School would be the new Dufferin/Peel/Caledon Regional Champions. Their season record was 8-2-0. What an awesome season.

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