Amherstburg’s Brad Gibb wins award at Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards


By Joel Charron

An Amherstburg native recently won an award at the Canadian Music and Broadcast Industry Awards.

Brad Gibb, 35, won Program Director of the Year of a medium-sized market for his efforts at FM-96 in London.

The award ceremony, held March 22 at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Toronto, resulted in the biggest award that Gibb has won in his career to date. He said it is a reflection of the people whom he works with and it is a special award as he is recognized for doing something he loves doing.

“I’m very honored but at the same time I’m very humbled,” said Gibb. “The big thing is that it makes me feel that I’m doing well and everyone around me is doing well.”

Gibb mentioned that he had been nominated before, however this is the first time that he won.

Amherstburg native Brad Gibb, program director of FM-96 in London, was recently named the Program Director of the Year for a medium-sized market.

The 35-year-old said he found out about his triumph the night of the award ceremony when he noticed his name was the only one left on a giant video screen that had previously had the other nominees’ names.

“When I realized I won I thought ‘Wow…really, check it out, that’s my name’,” joked Gibb.

Gibb said the award ceremony was filled with people who have been in the business a long time and who have the respect of a lot of people and to see his name within that group left Gibb “speechless.”

Gibb mentioned a number of factors are considered, including ratings and the commitment to developing Canadian talent including on-air talent as well as Canadian musicians. Having a good relationship with members of the Canadian music industry is also a component.

Gibb has spent 14 years in the radio industry.

The former Malden Central and General Amherst graduate said he got his radio fix early on in life, when he and Alex Storino would do the morning announcements at General Amherst.

“We just had fun doing it,” said Gibb. “That really kind of wet my appetite for getting into radio.”

After going to Fanshawe College, his first radio stops were in Windsor at 89X and The River as well as CKLW. In 2000, he went to London where he spent eight years with the Corus Entertainment stations, including FM-96, before moving up the company and took a job in Kingston for two years. He then moved back to London when he got the program director job.

Gibb said he likes being the program director at FM-96 and plans to be there “for a long time” but noted his long-term goal is to be director of programming for the company.

Although Gibb has accomplished a lot in his young career, he said there is still a lot for him to learn about the industry.

“I’m still very much a student of radio,” he said. “There is still so much I have to learn and I’m learning everyday and having fun doing it.”

Gibb currently lives in London with his wife Kristen and two and a half year old daughter Mia.

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