Amherstburg-Windsor police switch sparks protest



By Christian Bouchard


The town’s much debated switch to the Windsor Police Service reached a conclusion last Friday, sparking a protest.

A group of about 12 protestors rallied to town hall in support of the Amherstburg police this past Sunday.

Lisa Scott, an advocate for the Amherstburg police helped organise the protest because of the decision to merge with the Windsor Police service.

“We do not want this deal with Windsor at all,” said Scott. “It’s not going to save us money, it’s going to cost us money. Why fix what’s not broken?”

According to Scott, the taxpayers did ask to find a way to save money, however she believes there were other ways to save.

Among the many areas Scott noted the town could save money were not hiring 14 new people at town hall, not buying the Duffy’s property, not buying Bellevue and not buying St. Bernard’s school. Scott claims there were other places town council could have found money to save taxpayers money without touching an essential service.

A group of protesters gather to voice their concerns with the policing switch to Windsor.

“We don’t want to lose our Amherstburg police, we want them to stay,” said Scott. “Most of them will probably stay but we’re still going to have to pay a severance.”

In Scott’s perfect world, Amherstburg police service would be left alone. The town would be looking at employees benefit packages to find a way where they can find benefits for “a little bit less”, do some wage freezes and not hire 14 new people in town hall.

Also noted on the long list of concerns was whether Amherstburg would receive the same level of service and how much more it would cost.

Scott expressed her frustration with Amherstburg doing all the spending and questioned where Windsor is spending its money.

“We all know at the end of five years if Windsor decides to continue with us, they aren’t going to do it for free,” said Scott. “We’re going to pay and we’re going to pay big.”

The 20-year contract will be eligible for review every five years and either Windsor or Amherstburg could pull out of the deal with 18 months notice. The contract is set to take place Jan. 1.

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