Amherstburg set to showcase all it has to offer


By Karen Fallon

Via telephone conferencing, council consulted with Marc Gottfried, associate producer with US Media Television regarding a five-minute segment on the Terry Bradshaw series “Viewpoint” at their June 11 meeting.

The town’s acting CAO Kristina Pozar Di Paolo noted that Amherstburg has been chosen to be featured in the series that is designed to: “highlight the best places to live, work and play in Canada and the United States.”

The cost to the town for the five-minute segment is $24,800 US and it is recommended says Pozar Di Paolo that the money be taken from the town’s working capital reserve.

According to a report by the CAO, the television segment will inform viewers on several aspects of Amherstburg including: the quality of life, amenities, history, infrastructure and reasons to raise a family here.

“We are incredibly excited to be rolling out our newest show, Viewpoints, hosted by legendary quarterback, Terry Bradshaw,” says Jim Nicolas, vice-president of production in correspondence to council. “Our research indicated the need to accentuate the voice of the public, so we made every effort to keep this show relevant to what affects us today.”

Bradshaw is the first quarterback to win four Super Bowl championships and has been named Super Bowl MVP on two occasions. He also is a sportscaster, actor, author and a motivational speaker.

The show featuring Amherstburg would air on the Discovery Channel, the Business News Network in Canada and 33 times regionally on news networks in the US and Canada in up to 50 markets, noted Gottfried.

The scheduling fee provides the town with complete licensing rights to the segment that could be used for such things as future web-sharing and tradeshows.

“There is an investment required but at the same time I think this is recognition of the investments made over the years,” said councillor John Sutton. “This includes investment in our infrastructure, beautification of our parks which are second to none in this region…pride and ownership regarding the environment, our recreation department that is underscored by the development of the United Credit Union Recreation Complex and Miracle League, working with the service clubs…”

“It is also an opportunity for us to display the area to attract investment,” added councilor Carolyn Davies.

The five-minute segment will be designed to entice viewers to “learn more, travel often and discover new technology for use at home or at work.”

All council members spoke in support of the project.

“I think it is some positive steps for us to get involved in this,” said councilor Bart DiPasquale.

“As indicated by the producer this isn’t an opportunity that is being awarded to many communities across Canada, so it really is a feather in our cap and something for our citizens to be proud of,” said Sutton.

Pozar Di Paolo says the fact that the town was chosen is due to all the work done by the current and previous councils, administration, committees and various individuals who have helped to ‘put Amherstburg on the map.”

“The best thing is they approached us,” said councilor Robert Pillon. ‘It just goes to show you that the fruits of our labour over the years have been recognized.”

“Big things happen when we do the little things right,” noted Mayor Wayne Hurst.’

Council agreed unanimously to the production of the segment.

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