Amherstburg residents win two of three vehicles in Brentwood Lottery



By Ron Giofu


While it was a Windsor resident who won the house, two of the three vehicles offered in this year’s Brentwood Lottery were won by Amherstburg residents.

The draw, held Saturday afternoon at the Brentwood Recovery Home in Windsor, saw Mary Pare win the 2018 Ford Mustang that was offered in partnership with Amherstburg dealership Joe Meloche Ford. Helen McWhinney’s ticket was drawn as the winner of the 2018 Jeep Wrangler.

Both have the option of taking the vehicle or cash with Pare’s Mustang valued at $34,191 and McWhinney’s Jeep Wrangler valued at $49,942. The cash options are $28,000 and $40,000 respectively.

“I was quite surprised,” said Pare. “Actually, very surprised.”

The call from Brentwood’s director of development Mark Lennox came out of nowhere, she added.

“It came out of the blue,” said Pare. “I wasn’t expecting it.”

Pare said she hadn’t purchased Brentwood Lottery tickets for several years but decided to buy again this year and ordered them by phone.

“This was something I just decided to do,” said Pare.

Glad that she did start purchasing tickets again, Pare added it won’t be the last time she buys them.

“I’ll be buying tickets every year,” she said.

Brentwood’s director of development Mark Lennox (left) and Joe Meloche from Joe Meloche Ford Sales chat with Mary Pare of Amherstburg after Pare’s name was drawn as the winner of the 2018 Ford Mustang. The Brentwood Lottery draw was Jan. 13.

For McWhinney, she was a happy winner but her son might be even happier as she gave the winning ticket to him as a Christmas present.

“I buy tickets every year,” said McWhinney. “My son is the one that had the number that won. I don’t know what he wants to do. He’s pretty excited.”

McWhinney said her husband Earl used to purchase the tickets annually and she kept that tradition going after he passed away.

“Lucky enough, my son won it,” she said. “How many times in your life does this happen? It’s wonderful. It’s a dream come true.”

While wishing Earl was still alive so he could be part of it, McWhinney said it was still a great moment.

“It’s a very exciting day,” she said. “We’re just delighted.”

McWhinney admitted she thought someone was pulling her leg at first, but realized quickly that the call was legitimate.

“It’s the real thing,” she said.

Brian Zampa of Windsor won the house, valued at just shy of $400,000, and was contacted at his job at Tepperman’s with the news. The home is located in Kingsville. The third vehicle, a 2018 Chevrolet Equinox, was won by Frank Boschin of Windsor. Boschin said his 14-year-old daughter received tarot cards for Christmas and predicted Friday night big things were on the horizon.

Lennox said 31,861 tickets were sold for the Brentwood Lottery this year, up approximately 4,000 from last year. While they have to purchase the vehicles and fund the cash prizes, the rest of their costs are very low.

“It’s volunteer-run,” said Lennox. “Labour costs are almost non-existent.”

The fact people can take cash instead of the big prizes were seen as a reason for the increase in sales, said Lennox. Instead of taking the home, the winner could opt for $320,000 in cash.

“We noticed we got a lot of out-of-town buyers,” said Lennox. “People love options.”

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