Amherstburg residents hope to ‘Own the Throne’

By Jolene Perron

Local business, Plumbing Now has two Amherstburg residents on the edge of their seats hoping to win a Dream Bathroom Makeover.

On May 15, any resident of Canada who was the age of majority could enter a Plumbing Now contest with a chance to win a Dream Bathroom Makeover. Contest entries were submitted online or by mail. The contest lasted until 5 pm that night and the top ten winners were drawn on May 16. Denise Seeger and Paula Tetreault were happily surprised to find their names on that list.

“It’s so awesome!” said Paula Tetreault, “I can’t wait to win … my bathroom needs help!”

The Dream Bathroom Makeover will include supply and installation of shower, sink, toilet, flooring, lighting, vanity and paint. The total Retail value of all the prizes is equal to almost $30,000, making the contest very popular amongst entries.

Plumbing now advertised their contest on AM 800, in local papers, and web promos. The contest attracted over 5,000 entries from all over Canada, some from even Vancouver and British Columbia, who were unfortunately unable to submit an entry due to long distance issues.

“There were over 1,300 e-mails that were unable to enter in the contest. It was an insane process, but it was a good one,” said Jennifer Hawksworth, co-owner of Hawksworth designs. Jennifer helps design the website for Plumbing Now and designed their web promo for the contest.

The top ten finalists are expected to be present at a BBQ at Plumbing Now, 4255 7th Concession in Windsor on May 28 where the winner will be announced. The rest of the finalists will win a small consolation prize.

Plumbing Now started this contest in effort to get themselves out there. They want people to know that they aren’t just a plumbing service. Plumbing Now offers all kinds of renovations, installations and handy work.

Plumbing Now would like to thank everyone for their submissions and invites everyone to their BBQ on May 28.

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