Amherstburg resident pens cookbook/memoir


By Ron Giofu


Nicholas Nedin has grown his food blog into a cookbook and has combined it with a love for writing and photography.

Braised BlueNedin has authored “Braised Blue Year One: One Year, Four Seasons and Breakfast,” a self-published cookbook that also includes a narrative and some of his own photography.

“I started Braised Blue as a food blog in February 2012,” he said.

The idea morphed into the new cookbook, though he still actively updates the blog two or three times per week with new recipes and essays.

Nedin jokes that the book can be considered “bathroom reading” and there is more than just recipes inside.

“The book is set up seasonally,” he said, although notes the first chapter is about breakfast. He said he has dealt with depression and anxiety issues and noted his day is “infinitely better” after he eats breakfast.

“I really feel it’s the most important meal of the day,” he said.

The book is then laid out in spring, summer, fall and winter sections.

For Nedin, a love and knowledge of food is something he grew up with.

“My grandparents actually ran a restaurant in (the River Town Times office) building,” he said. “I grew up with cooking in my family.”

When he was a student at Brock University, he studied oenology and viticulture and also took his love of cooking with him out west. Nedin lived in Calgary for five years where he worked and knew a lot of people in that city’s Vietnamese and Indian communities. He learned about cooking from those cultures and hopes the Vietnamese and Indian recipes that are a part of his book are as authentic as he experienced.

“It gave me a different outlook on how cooking can be more than meatloaf and mashed potatoes,” he said. “You can grow and stretch and try new things.”

Nedin did note that mashed potatoes and other “comfort foods” are in his book as well as foods that include Asian, Italian and Mexican in nature. His recipes incorporate fresh produce and ingredients.

“I’m completely self-taught as it relates to my cooking,” he said, adding he also tries to “put my own spin” on what he might try elsewhere as well.

The “Braised Blue” cookbook features recipes that most can try, estimating that 75 per cent of them while the remainder may be more difficult to do.

“It’s a little more interactive and a lot more instructive,” said Nedin. “I wanted to give little tips on how to cook things properly.”

He said he “wanted to do something different that no one had done before.”

Nedin added he could see himself doing another cookbook, but said it would likely be one with fewer essays. He is also working on a fiction project that he hopes to publish next year.

The 168-page cookbook, self-published through Amazon Create Space, is $25 and available through Amazon, Kindle or via e-mail at Nedin added he did all the layout of the book as well.

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