Amherstburg police receive several fraud complaints



The Amherstburg Police Service is warning the public not to give out personal information via the telephone or e-mail after receiving reports over the past week of different frauds that are circulating.

Police were called by a resident saying they were contacted regarding supposed issues with the person’s computer. The suspicious caller said they worked for a computer company and offered to repair the person’s hard drive in exchange for the person’s credit card number.

Another scam saw a person contacted, with the caller claiming the person was locked out of their Apple account and then asking for personal information to help them get back in.

A third scam reported recently sees people fraudulently taking out Cash Money loans in another person’s name with attempts made to try and recover the money from the actual person. Police caution people to guard their personal identification and note that people are trying to use other people’s identification in such scams.

A fourth reported fraud sees people being called with those calling claiming there was money deposited mistakenly in the person’s account and that the potential victim has to pay it back.

Amherstburg police urge people to be cautious of giving out any personal information, including credit card and banking information. If a person receives a suspicious phone call or e-mail, they are encouraged to hang up or delete it and contact police.

RIDE programs   The Amherstburg Police Service conducted RIDE programs at different locations last Thursday night. There were approximately 300 vehicles checked with no arrests made.


Accidents   A two-car motor vehicle collision occurred at North Side Road and Concession 8 North with one person charged. Amherstburg police say the accident occurred around noon last Thursday and resulted in a 20-year-old Windsor male charged with turning not in safety. There was minor damage reported, police add.

*A two-car accident at Concession 4 North and Texas Road last Thursday afternoon saw a 27-year-old driver charged. It was not confirmed as of press time what the charge was.

*There were three reports over the past week of vehicles striking deer. Motorists are urged to watch for deer when driving in the rural areas and to be cautious when driving.


Damage   Amherstburg police say a vehicle parked on Bathurst St. was damaged overnight with the damage being discovered last Thursday. The left side of the vehicle sustained damage, police say. The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact police at 519-736-2252 or Crime Stoppers at 519-258-TIPS (8477).


Warrants   A 31-year-old McGregor resident was arrested for outstanding warrants and transported to Windsor by another police service. The arrest occurred last Thursday.


Stats   The Amherstburg Police Service issued 20 traffic-related tickets over the past week. There were three 911 calls and seven alarm calls that police responded to as well.


—All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service

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