Amherstburg police and Windsor police explosive disposal unit dispose of military flare


The Amherstburg Police Service states that a resident on Front Road South reported a discarded flare that showed up on the beach last weekend.

Police were called to the area around 3:45 p.m. Saturday for the call of a discarded flare that had washed up on a beach. According to police, the flare was labelled as a military flare that contained phosphorus and instructions on the flare stated to contact police or military if found.

Amherstburg police state the resident contacted them, with Amherstburg police attending the scene and subsequently contacting the Windsor Police Service’s explosive disposal unit.

The explosive disposal unit attended and ignited the flare on the beach, allowing it to burn out safely.

Amherstburg police state that phosphorus can be very dangerous if not handled properly. It is self-igniting and burns very hot. If a member of the public should come across something similar, please do

not hesitate to contact police (9-1-1, or non-emergency 519-736-3622).

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