Amherstburg Police and Rotary Club promote bike safety

By Joel Charron

Schools will be ending this week and children will be riding their bikes, enjoying their summer vacation.

To help make them a little safer the Amherstburg Police Service and the Amherstburg Rotary Club held a bike rodeo at Wal-Mart on Saturday.

Approximately 50 local children arrived at Wal-Mart, ready to put their bicycle through a safety inspection.

Sgt. Mike Cox directs Jacob Triolet and his brother Joshua Triolet through the bike course in Wal-Mart’s parking lot Saturday morning.

Officers inspected the bikes for reflectors, brakes, chains seats, making sure all nuts and bots were properly tightened and whether the bike properly fit the rider.

Once the bikes passed inspection, the children were put through a course, which tested them on their riding and stopping abilities.  The course featured five stations. Upon completion of the course, each child was given a certificate.

“Most of it is balance and getting used to the bike,” said Sgt. Mike Cox.

Cox said he was happy with the amount of children who showed up.

“It’s turned out pretty good. The day has been great. It’s been a really good turnout,” said Cox.

Cox also mentioned that along with inspecting bikes, the officers were also making sure that the children had the proper helmet.

According to Cox, the Amherstburg Police hasn’t hosted a bike rodeo in several years, however after the success this rodeo had, he hopes to make this an annual event.

“I could see us doing this every year. I wouldn’t want to do it any more than that because I don’t think we would get many kids out, but once a year would be great,” he said.

Sr. Const. Joan Lovell goes into the school to teach bike safety to Grade 1 students but Cox noted the rodeo gives a chance for the children to put their safety lessons to use.

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