Amherstburg police advising of gift card fraud after resident victimized



The Amherstburg Police Service is advising residents not to purchase gift cards for someone if you are contacted over the phone or Internet.

Amherstburg police received a fraud complaint Monday afternoon where a caller contacted a local resident and allegedly defrauded them out of a large sum of money. Police say the caller often identifies themselves as being from a computer company such as Microsoft, Windows or Apple and claims there is something wrong with the person’s computer. A request is made for credit card information and after claiming that a refund was improperly billed to the person’s credit card, the caller will then ask for restitution via gift cards.

Amherstburg police say it is a scam and are asking people not to fall for it. If there are any suspicious numbers that come on a person’s caller ID, either research the number and/or call police. Police say that large companies like Microsoft or Apple will not contact individual residents claiming there are issues with a computer.


Mischief   Amherstburg police say there was damage done at a residence in the 400 block of McLellan. A outdoor lamp and a satellite dish were reportedly damaged with the call coming into police Monday morning.

*Two vehicles were damaged in the 20 block of Reynolds Court last week. Police say tires were slashed on both vehicles. There are no suspects and it was reported last Friday morning.

*Tires were punctured on a vehicle parked in the 300 block of McLellan. The matter is still under investigation and it was reported to police Sunday morning.

*A gate was damaged at a business in the 9700 block of Walker Road. There are no suspects and the matter was reported to police Sunday.

Thefts   A leaf blower was taken from a garage in the 20 block of St. Therese Ave., police say. The matter is under investigation and was reported last Friday afternoon.

*A shed was broken into in the 30 block of Holiday Court. Amherstburg police say a leaf blower, weed-whacker and chainsaw were stolen. There are no suspects.


Accident   A three-vehicle accident last Wednesday around 3:30 p.m. at Alma St. and Concession 5 saw no injuries and a 25-year-old Windsor man charged with attempting to pass while the road was not clear.


Disturbance   Amherstburg police were called to the 160 block of Richmond St. for a disturbance last Thursday night and subsequently arrested and charged a 19-year-old Windsor man with failing to comply with conditions of his recognizance. Police say the matter occurred on the street and not in a home.


Stats   There were 44 traffic-related charges laid last week. Amherstburg police also responded to five 911 calls and 13 alarm calls.


-All information courtesy of the Amherstburg Police Service

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