Amherstburg native starts teaching career at St. Peter’s ACHS College School



By Ron Giofu


St. Peter’s ACHS College School is growing slowly but surely and that allowed an Amherstburg native to get a start on her teaching career.

Ashley Parent, a General Amherst High School and Madonna University graduate, said she met with headmaster/principal Peter Thyrring about working at St. Peter’s and Thyrring accepted. Parent said the combination of athletics and academics appealed to her.

“It’s important to juggle both,” said Parent, who went to Madonna University on a soccer scholarship.

Parent teaches daily at St. Peter’s ACHS before she heads to New Zealand Jan. 13 to further her education. She is open to returning to St. Peter’s when she returns in about a year.

“I want to come back to the area,” she said.

Amherstburg native Ashley Parent, pictured with the students of St. Peter’s ACHS College School, began her career at the private boys school.

Stating that the student-to-teacher ratio at St. Peter’s is “incredible,” Parent said she enjoys working with the 14 boys that attend the private school on County Road 20.

“You can’t get that anywhere else,” she said. “It’s helped them so much.”

Incorporating sports into their daily routine also helps, Parent believes, as it leads to improved grades.

Parent said her mother informed her about the school and she started researching it before she applied. Having sports and academics as important pillars appealed to her.

“It sparked my interest immediately,” she said.

Thyrring liked her enthusiasm and she joined the small, three-teacher faculty.

“They come here ready to work,” Parent said of the students. “They know nothing in life comes easy. The education these boys are going to get is going to be as good as anything they could have imagined.”

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