Amherstburg named safest community…again


By Joel Charron

For the second consecutive year, Amherstburg has been named the safest community in Canada by Statistics Canada.

In a Statistics Canada crime severity index ranking of 238 police services in municipalities over 10,000 people Amherstburg scored 24.3, the lowest of all. The lowest score means Amherstburg ranks as the safest community of all who were included in the survey.

After Amherstburg Police Chief Tim Berthiuame retuned from vacation recently, he noticed a letter from Stats Canada informing him of the police service’s ranking, however the letter did not state Amherstburg’s national ranking. Berthiuame continued to dig and uncovered that Amherstburg was once again in the top stop.

“This is great news for our community,” said Berthiaume. “It’s great news for the people that work here. I am so proud of the men and women of the Amherstburg Police Service.”

Berthiaume said he is also proud of the residents in Amherstburg “for not tolerating violence in their community.”

“Our citizens are diligent about reporting crime,” he said.

Various crimes in each community were compiled with scores that were based on the amount and types of crime being reported. The police chief noted that non-violent crimes were down while violent crimes slightly increased in town.

Berthiaume, who is a life long Amherstburg resident, said he has always believed that

Amherstburg may hold the title as safest community in Canada but five communities in Essex County occupy the top ten.

Amherstburg is a safe community.

“I’ve always known my whole life that Amherstburg is a safe place to live and work and the stats prove it. It’s one more thing the town can pride itself on,” he said.

Although Amherstburg can brag about its number one spot, they are not the only community in Essex County that can boost about a safe community. LaSalle ranked second with a score of 25.5, Tecumseh is fourth with a score of 27.6, Lakeshore came in fifth with 28.3 and Kingsville rounds out the top 10 with 32.1.

Berthaiume added the police will enjoy its number one ranking, however the challenge is staying on top.

“We are constantly trying to improve. Hopefully with the community’s co-operation, we’ll stay number one,” he said.

Although Berthaiume is proud of the number one ranking, he said if Amherstburg were to relinquish the number one spot next year, it doesn’t mean Amherstburg isn’t safe.

“I don’t want people to think, if next year we drop to third, fourth or fifth that we are not a safe community,” he said. ‘We are a safe community. One of the safest in all of Canada.”

Mayor Wayne Hurst said the number one ranking is the result of a lot of work from a lot of different people.

“It’s that partnership that I always talk about between our police services, our police department and certainly the residents of Amherstburg,” said Hurst. “This is something we can all step back and take pride in.”




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