Amherstburg Museums and Galleries recipient of the Roots to Boots Bi Centennial Festival proceeds

Special to the RTT

The Town of Amherstburg Council and 1812 Alive Committee have committed to a portion of proceeds from the upcoming War of 1812 Roots to Boots Bi Centennial Festival to benefit the Amherstburg Museums and Galleries (AMG).

August 3, 4, 5 2012 will be one of many dates in which Amherstburg will commemorate an epic event in the history of Canada. 2012 marks the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. The Roots to Boots Festival’s overall arching theme will be “200 years of peace” between nations. Historic and modern presentations including a contemporary concert at Fort Malden, a newly developed theatrical performance and everything 1812 will generate some areas of revenue that will benefit the members of AMG which include The Gibson Gallery, Holiday Beach Conservation Area, Park House Museum, North American Black Historical Museum, Fort Malden NHSC, Marsh Historical Collection.

“Volunteers at the Amherstburg Museums and Galleries have operated and managed important heritage sites in Amherstburg for generations. It is because of their dedication and commitment to the preservation of community heritage assets that many of the 1812 sites are available and viable for public access and education” declares Mayor Wayne Hurst.

“Without their existence, we would not be the Bi Centennial community that makes Amherstburg so unique. It is only fitting that the commemorations also honour these sites and people” emphasizes Hurst.

“The AMG is thrilled to learn of the news. We will be able to expand our cell phone tour of each of the sites with new and innovative technology” exclaims Caron Soulliere, member and producer of the heritage cell phone tours.

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