Amherstburg McDonald’s sets records on McHappy Day



By Ron Giofu


Much like it was in the rest of the region and the country, McHappy Day was a hit in Amherstburg.

The local McDonald’s restaurant set records in what it raised for Ronald McDonald House and the John McGivney Children’s Centre. Jodie Phillips, manager at the Amherstburg restaurant, said it took three months to prepare for the May 2 event. She said it wasn’t just preparation work but they asked for donations for charity to “keep families together at the hardest times of their lives.”

Phillips noted that she had a mother come in during McHappy Day and thank them for their hard work and dedication as her twins were born prematurely and the family had to use Ronald McDonald House.

“Before (May 2), our little store in Amherstburg raised over $10,000. Now including (McHappy Day), we raised over $14,000 to donate to the charity. Last year we raised $8,125,” said Phillips. “We almost doubled last year.”

Phillips said they used a lot of social media to promote the message and to sell their merchandise. Local politicians, dignitaries, volunteers and police, fire and EMS staff came in to help out during McHappy Day. Phillips said friends and family helped during the three-month preparation period, as she noted her brother-in-law Mike Arquette came in and so old almost $600 in merchandise within an hour.

Staff and volunteers helped set records during McHappy Day. The Amherstburg McDonald’s set records during the May 2 event. Among the volunteers pictured that assisted staff were Delanie Champagne of John McGivney Children’s Centre, Andrea Kraler from Children’s First and Patti Gibb from Family Respite Services.

“We also had my sons and nephew working the window raking in some donations from people,” said Phillips. “We had former workers come in and help us out because they know how important (McHappy Day) was. Our store set many firsts.”

Phillips noted that Sgt. Scott Riddell helped out again this year and she offered her thanks.

“For the last two years, Scott has came and directed traffic allowing more people to come into our restaurant to purchase meals and donate,” she said. “(On May 2), we did over $20,000 in sales for one day. From 5-6 p.m., we had close to $3,000 in sales. That’s a whole lot of Big Macs and that wouldn’t have happened without the dedication of my crew and managers and again the help from Scott.”

The Amherstburg community was the key to making McHappy Day and the weeks leading up to it a success, she added.

“We have an amazing town I am so proud to be part of this community the love and support they gave (on McHappy Day) is overwhelming it brings tears to my eyes every time I think about it,” said Phillips. “I am so proud of everyone.”

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