Amherstburg Food & Fellowship Mission celebrates 22 years of operation


By Jolene Perron


“As there is an apparent need in our community for the Mission’s work, we will continue to work diligently to build and pursue new partnerships and maintain our current ones. We continue to modify programs to meet the needs of the community with the resources available. Our motto is people helping people.”

Tim McAllister, president of the Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission addressed the board and attendees of the annual general meeting Sept. 20, explaining they have had a good year thanks to the people in the community who help with donations, both monetary and tangible items.

“We encourage people through our Wednesday breakfast, hot meals, baby food programs, our emergency food bank and computer programs,” said McAllister. “We can only do this through your generous monetary donations, your untiring dedication and efforts to others.”

Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission president Tim McAllister presents Kim Cabanaw with an award of appreciation during their Annual General Meeting September 20.

The meeting also included a pizza dinner, which was donated by Dominos, Bulls Eye, Naples, Rosa’s, Armando’s, Golden Crust, Capri and Little Caesars.

Shirley Hitchcock, a board member with the mission, said in 2016 they served 14,546 hot meals at lunch, which runs from Monday until Saturday and every special holiday. This year, from January until the end of August, they have served 9,618 meals and their busiest time is yet to come.

This year’s board of directors include Paul Kascjak, Lana Talbot, Tammy Pasceri, Shirley Hitchcock, Anne Rene, Sheilagh Jaroszewciz , Anne Fox and Tim McAllister. Absent from the meeting and photo, Jim Ferrar, John Drop and Shannon Dobson.

In 2016, Hitchcock said they prepared 619 food baskets for people to take home to feed themselves and their families. So far this year, they have already prepared 372 food baskets.

“The people in here, when you come in and you see them sitting down for five minutes at the table, believe me they are just resting up until they have to do the next thing,” said Hitchcock.

As for the financial side of the organization, in order to save costs they don’t do an official audit but rather a non-audited statement, according to financial advisor Michael Greenaway. He said after having a look at the records, he believes they are a “fair representation of what has happened,” and he has prepared financial statements which have been approved by the board.

Amherstburg Food and Fellowship Mission president Tim McAllister presents his wife Violet McAllister with an award of appreciation during their Annual General Meeting September 20.

“It cost about $90,000 to run the place last year and the organization was able to raise through donations and fundraising $93,000,” explained Greenaway. “They are really on a tight ship and don’t spend more than they have. The organization is running, I think, very responsibly.”

The board also presented awards for appreciation to Renee Jackson, Kim Cabanaw
and Violet McAllister.

The mission is currently looking into the future, and will be launching a new website shortly. They are also looking for gently used clothing for fall and winter as they head into the cooler season.


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