Amherstburg’s ghostly side brought to life with ghost tours

By Aaron Jahn

Every year, around this time, Amherstburg’s strange and spooky history shines in the spotlight on Ghost Walk.

Lead by Robert Tymec and his team, I joined a group of about 35 people of all ages and sizes on a spooky tour through Kings Navy Yard Park to hear the strange, dark and downright ghoulish tales of at least a dozen local ghost encounters.

Every year, the group picks a theme; this year’s theme is Terrifying Tales of Texas Road, the road in town with the darkest tales of all.  Especially for attracting headless specters’ that haunt the cemetery hidden at the east end of the road.

When the tour began, we were standing in front of the war memorial at the end of Richmond shivering with the cold and an ominous sense of impending fright.  Suddenly Tymec’s voice boomed across the waiting crowd, introducing them to the ancient and bloody history of Amherstburg as a naval base during the War of 1812.  Recounting how it’s believed that when someone dies violently, the soul is reluctant to leave for the next plane that awaits them.  Tymec was joined by two team members, Jocelyn Levedoux and Guillaume Veilloux, who joined in reciting the opening sequence.

Levedoux’s appearance was quite unexpected by most, as she was hidden in shadow close by, while the crowd was greeted by Tymec and Veilloux to purchase their tickets for the evening.

They started off with a few tales of the downtown core, speaking to the common stories of ethereal encounters at Caldwell’s grant and the Espresso Café.  Caldwell’s grant was a lighthearted story of an encounter; the story of a dishwasher at the end of the night enjoying a meal while he closed the restaurant and listening to a favourite song loudly in the background.  He heard a noise from the kitchen and suddenly his stereo was turned down.  Surprised, but not bothered, he checked the kitchen to discover no one was there and turned his music back up.  The stereo was promptly turned back down again and the young man “wisely” chose to leave the volume at the ghost’s preferred level.

The stories of headless wraith’s on Texas road included the story of a domestic dispute that ended with a headless wife in the cemetery at the end of the road and a distraught husband turning himself into police.  It has been reported that to this day, she has been seen looking in the tree’s for her head.

Another spoke of a wealthy rancher and his beautiful wife, who met a gruesome end after a dispute with local farm hands.  The rancher’s wife was kidnapped from their home, and while he gave chase, he forgot to duck under a tree branch and his head was separated from his body.  The kidnappers, afraid he was catching up, dropped the wife, who died after breaking her neck.

The tales were both fascinating and fright inducing for the crowd.  With most jumping when the lights in the park went out unexpectedly.  A surprise for all, as it was unplanned by our guides.  Fun for all ages, the tour will run through this weekend on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8:30.


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