Amherst graduates end high school on a high note


By Aaron Jahn

General Amherst held their 90th convocation ceremony last Thursday night at the United Communities Credit Union Complex to say a final farewell to over 200 students moving on the next stage in their lives.

With family and friends looking on, graduates were serenaded by Valedictorian Scott Sanger and cheered by parents as they officially ended their high school careers.   Helga Bailey, a former Bulldog and elementary school teacher, brought greetings from the board of trustees.

“On behalf of the board of trustees of the Greater Essex County School Board congratulations,” said Bailey.  “I realize that at moments like this, this particular milestone in the life of young students is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the fruits of our labour.”

For Principal Mary Edwards, this convocation was even more special, after three years at the school she is moving on to another school.

“This is always a special occasion, I look out there and see all of you and think about our three years together,” Edwards said.  “When you move on you take with you everything that you’ve learned all the friendships you’ve made, and you take that and you create the next part of your life.  Change is good.”

Sanger, chosen as this year’s valedictorian, thanked the parents of his fellow classmates and sang a special Bulldog song he wrote to the tune of Oasis’s Wonderwall.

“I can’t express what an honour it is to be up here in front of you.  I have grown and laughed with each and every one of your children and I must say that you’ve done a wonderful job,” said Sanger.  “I can’t predict your future, the most important thing right now, is that you live life the way you want to live it.  Do what you enjoy, if you aren’t looking at yourself in the mirror every day, and happy with what you see, make a change.”

He also took aim at the oft used saying that high school was the best time of your life, exhorting his fellow graduates to aim higher.

“I’m confident that each and every one of you will go on to bigger and better things than high school,” Sanger

General Amherst Valedictorian Scott Sanger sings a final farewell to fellow graduates to the tune of Oasis's Wonderwall. Gerneral Amherst celebrated their 90th convocation June 28 at the UCCU complex.


The closer of the night was Vice-Principal Jon Procter, who took the opportunity to have students thank their support network of parents and others for their help getting them to this point in their lives.

“You realize the importance of change, you realize they’ve gone the extra mile for you,” said Procter. “ I need you to recognize the people that have gone the extra mile for you for a very, very long time people that you don’t see marching down to the front, your parents, your family, your friends.”


Governor General’s Academic Medal and Certificate: Rebecca Pillon.

Danny Hallock Memorial Bursary: Karli Ficocello

Keith Harrick Memorial Bursary: LeeSha Heywood

IOTA Group Scholarship: Rebecca Pillon & Mackenzie Morencie

ENM Mills Bursary: Nick Jones, Josh Buller, Matte Conte & Scott Sanger

Nelson Kappes Memorial Bursary: Thomas McCornick

Estate of Dora Helen Lord Bursary: Natalia Iannucci & Maegan Brush.

Maris’s Restaurant Bursary: Kaitlyn Renuad

M.A. McGill Scholarship: Adam Bryan & Krystle Dinunzio

McGregor Knight of Columbus, St Clements Council #2844 Bursary: Ian Robertson & Katie Standish

Corey Meloche Memorial Bursary: Kelsay Joncas, Katie Shephard, Kristi Paquette & Nicole Beetham

Naples Pizza Bursary: Ryan Ridsdale

Jessica Ondejko Memorial Bursary: Alanna O’Reilly

BP Overholt Scholarship: Rebecca Pillon

BP Overholt Prize: Rebecca Pillon

Principal’s Award Bursary: Brahnjot Singh, Steve McWhinney & Mackenzie Morencie

Principal’s Award for Student Leadership Plaque: Scott Sanger

Susanne Pucovsky Memorial Bursary: Shanna Howse

Jerry Robinson Memorial Scholarship: Lauren White

Royal Canadian Legion, Fort Malden Branch #157: Alisha Rashwa, Ryan Chauvin, Dena Ali & Carley Couvillion

School Council Bulldog Spirit Award Bursary: Nick Jones, Katie Shephard, Paisley Bartlam, Kayley Barssett, Michael Mallender, Rebecca Pillon

Thrasher Sales & Leasing Scholarship: Marco DiBartolomeo

Susan Whelan Student Leadership Award Bursary: Katie Lynn Zueffle

W.T. Wilkinson Bursary: Nick Jones & Rebecca Pillon.

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