AMA Sportsmen’s Club wraps up successful Walleye Tournament


By Joel Charron

The AMA Sportsmen’s club wrapped up the 29th Annual Walleye Tournament on Canada Day.

Fisherman of all gender and ages flocked to the Sportsmen’s Club for an afternoon of swapping fish stories, food, fun and of course to discovers the winner of the area largest fishing derby.

“The tournament went really well this year,” said AMA Sportsmen’s Club president Rodney Ferris. “We had good weather all week long. A lot of people went fishing and we ended up weighing a boat load of fish.”

Ferris said the tournament drew 524 entries, which is up from the last two years.

“The last few years attendance has been down, I think it was because of the recession but this year we rebounded nicely,” he said. “It was as if everyone decided this was the year to fish. It was nice to see.”

Ferris said the new rule that limited participants to stay within the boundary didn’t sit well with some of the participants, however for the most part people were pleased with the rule change.

“There were some guys that didn’t like the rules but it made more sense for the guys who wanted to fish locally with smaller boats,” explained Ferris. “I think after they thought about it they understood where we were coming from. We’re trying to keep it close to home. ”


Bryce Bocchini is all smile after winning choosing the boat and trailer as the grand prize.

The Lake Erie boundary was west of a line from the tip of Point Pelee south to the Canada-US international border.

In its 29th year the AMA Sportsmen’s Club Walleye Tournament is the largest fishing derby in the region.

Ferris said people enjoy fishing in the tournament because it’s over a period of a week and not one day.

“You’re not tied down to just one day where you have to keep an eye on the weather,” he said. “Here, you have a whole week to fish. People like to pick their days and time to fish, it more relaxing for them.”

Before the announcement of the tournament winners, Bryce Bocchini was announced as the winner of the grand prize. A very delighted Bocchini was given the choice between a four-wheeler and a motorboat and trailer. Bocchini chose the boat and trailer.

“I’m just really happy right now, I really don’t know what to say,” said Bocchini.

Ferris noted next year to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Walleye Tournament, they are hoping to give away both the four-wheeler and the boat and trailer.

Winners of the tournament are as followed (First place to third place)

Largest Kept

George Little: 10lbs 6oz

Jessy Nowak: 9 lbs 9oz

John Beattle: 9lbs 7oz

Largest Live Release

Brian Hutchins: 9 lbs 10oz

Sandy Sutts: 9lbs 1oz

Glen Murray: 7lbs 12oz


Dylan Gignac: 9 lbs 8oz

Raven Watson: 5lbs 13oz

Ladies Kept

Tracy Brinley: 9lbs 1oz

Ladies Live Release

Sandy Gibb: 6lbs 12oz

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