AMA Sportsmen Club holds annual turkey shoot



By Jolene Perron


Crowds flooded the AMA Sportsmen’s Club to take their best shot at the annual turkey shoot last week.

Once a week on Wednesdays, the club holds air rifle nights where kids can come in and learn about gun handling, safety, and learn how to shoot for less than $5. Each year, they also hold a special free night to bring people to the club who may have never shot a gun before, with the ability to earn prizes.

Jim Fox, coordinator of the turkey shoot and volunteer with the club said no one ever leaves empty handed.

The AMA Sportsmen Association held its annual turkey shoot last Wednesday night. An estimated crowd of 175 shooters participated in the air rifle event.

“Once a year we have the turkey shoot, which is a free event just to promote the club and get everyone interested in the area, and promote shooting,” said Fox. “We are trying to get the kids to get off of the computers, the phones, and do something else. It’s been going on for a long time, and we’re just trying to keep it going. It’s one of the biggest events we have here.”

The ad read “no turkeys will be harmed at this event,” and they kept true to their promise, with just the photo of a turkey printed on a sheet to see who takes the best shots.

On hand were a number of volunteers just like Fox who teach the importance of gun safety and ensure everyone who handles a gun not only has fun, but also learns how to shoot properly and safely.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger, and that’s the biggest thing is trying to keep the kids involved,” said Fox. “There was a time when kids weren’t doing much and for a couple of years things were dying down and now it’s really picking up. I enjoy doing this. This is my relax time. It’s good when you see the kids having fun.”
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