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Indoor archery season over

The AMA Sportsmen Association ended its indoor archery shooting April 14. It was a free night for the 40 kids who shoot on a regular basis. All the shooters enjoyed a special night with no shooting fees and pop and chips were free. The shooters on Mondays consist of area young people with some of their mothers and fathers, and also other men and women from the community.

Earlier in the season, the AMA Sportsmen archery coaches held free clinics on Saturday mornings to teach local groups like Boy Scouts and Sea Cadets the basics of archery.

The AMA Sportsmen Association would like to thank the parents who brought their kids out every Monday night since October 2013 with a special thanks to the coaches and volunteers who gave their time to teach the shooters, to learn and enjoy the skill required to succeed in the sport of archery.

In late October, the AMA Sportsmen plans to open the clubhouse at 468 Lowes Side Road every Monday at 7 p.m. for young shooters and at 8 p.m. for adults for another season of indoor archery. Everyone over the age of six is welcome to come out and try the fun and challenging sport of archery. Follow this paper for times and dates.


Indoor air rifle season is over

The AMA Sportsmen Association’s indoor air rifle shooting came to an end April 16. It wrapped up with 35 shooters shooting for free and, of course, free pop and chips for all. This was not a normal evening as shooters were introduced to new “orange peel targets” (which, when shot, an orange dot appears).

Also, to add to the fun, there were balloons to shoot at.

Earlier this year, the air rifle group held a “turkey shoot” with a very large turnout. Everyone present had to shoot and compete for nice prizes including an air rifle for the top youth shooter. Prize winners must be a fair shot but more importantly, they must be very lucky! Come out next year to see what I mean.

The AMA Sportsmen Association would like to thank the parents who brought the kids out every Wednesday night since last October with a very special thank you to the volunteers and coaches who gave their time and used their knowledge to teach the kids and adults the fun that can come from the safe handling of an air rifle. Shooting an air rifle is much like shooting other firearms. It is a very personal sport with a rewarding feeling when you hit all “bull’s eyes.”

Starting in late October 2014, the AMA Sportsmen plan to open up the clubhouse at 468 Lowes Side Road on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. for another season of indoor air rifle shooting. Follow this paper for times and dates.


3-D Shoot

The AMA Sportsmen Association hosted another 3-D archery shoot April 13.

This was the second of five shoots planned for this year and it was on a beautiful, sunny day. This brought out 60 shooters from six-years-old to adults.

They came out to shoot at the 30 life-size 3-D animal targets. There were 11 shooters who matched or exceed the preset winning score for their shooting category earning them an AMA Sportsmen pin and, of course, bragging rights.

As always, any of the shooters under 12-years-old received a pin to start building their collection. The shooters who did not earn a pin were winners as well as they got to spend a great day in the woods with friends and family. This beats doing yard work or cleaning out the garage any day.

Back at the clubhouse, over 50 shooters and non-shooters enjoyed a fine breakfast and lunch prepared by a few members of the Sportsmen Club.

Our next shoot is May 25 with shooters and families always welcome. If any non-shooters would like a good breakfast or burger (at a good price), come out and see what the AMA Sportsmen Association is all about. See you there!


—Prepared by Brian Beattie

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