Air rifle turkey shoot takes aim at family fun


By Joel Charron

Jacob Stanek, 10,  looked closely through the sights of his air rifle before pulling the trigger on his target on the other side of the room.

Stanek was one of 141 men, women and children who flocked to the AMA Sportsmen’s Club for their chance to compete in their annual air rifle Turkey Shoot competition.

Children were spilt up into three age categories 0-5, 6-10 and 11-15, while adults were grouped all together. Seven stations were set up in the back pavilion hall where shooters took aim with air rifles at bingo card style targets with random numbers scattered over the card. Once the shooter has shot their five shots, the card is taken over to the judges and the scores are added up. If the pellet hit between two numbers, both numbers are added to the score. Each participant was given five shots.

Air Rifle Committee chairman Bob Duby said participants don’t have to be an experienced shooter to take part in the shooting event.


Ten-year-old Jacob Stanek carfull takes aim at his target before pulling the trigger. Stanek scored a 36 in his five shots.

“The reason why it’s called a turkey shoot is because you don’t have to be a sharpshooter to enter,” said Duby.  “It can work out that the worst shooter can get the highest score.

Prizes were handed out to first, second and third place in the children’s categories and also in the adult groups.

According to Duby the A.M.A Sportsmen’s Club used to hold this event a number of years ago but stopped for unknown reasons. Duby decided to reboot the event two years ago and saw the event draw a large crowd.

“This is a family club and we want to involve everyone,” said Duby

He also added that hosting the turkey shoot is a good way to get rid of the “bad rap” shooting has gain over the years.

“This is a way to get people to show them that this is a very safe sport and a lot of fun,” said Duby.

He also added that it is a way for the older generations to pass their love for the outdoors and shooting sports to the younger generations and mentioned some people may start shooting competitively or develop a love for hunting.

Ten-year-old, Jacob Stanek, who came with his fathersaid  he enjoys shooting. Stanek noted he’s been handling an air rifle for roughly three year, with the supervision of his parents.

“Here I can shoot whenever I want. At home I can’t go around shooting the gun at targets,” said Stanek, who shot a score of 36. “This is a lot of fun.”

Freddy Fazekas took first place in the 0-6-age division while Michael Jaworsla finished second and Darian Dufour took home third spot.

Phoenix Macdonald won the top spot in the 7-11 age group while Madison Pillon and Nick Fox took second and third place respectively.

In the 12-15 age group, Raven Watson grabbed the top spot with Kaitlyn Gatto finishing second and Blair Boismier rounding up third.

In the adult category, Chad Pillon took first place while Bob Sinasac won second place and John Bondy came in third.

Dube said the club was also pleased to recognize Bob Gauthier for his and his wife Bonnie’s contribution to the air rifle program at the AMA Sportsmen’s Club. Gauthier moved to Chatham after Bonnie’s death but the club still wanted to honor him and his wife for their efforts.


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