Adler dropping out of mayoral race



Marty Adler

Marty Adler

By Ron Giofu


One of the four mayoral candidates has announced he is dropping out of the campaign and is endorsing another candidate.

However, his name will still be on the ballot due to the nomination period being over.

Marty Adler has stated he is not pursuing the mayor’s job in Amherstburg and is backing Aldo DiCarlo instead. Adler said when he first declared his candidacy, he looked at the initial two candidates for mayor – John Sutton and Ron Sutherland – and figured the town would be “going from the frying pan into the fire.” Adler filed for mayor Sept. 10.

“I thought I would try and do my part,” he said.

However, when Adler became more familiar with DiCarlo, he liked what he saw and decided to withdraw from the race himself and support DiCarlo’s bid. DiCarlo also filed Sept. 10.

“I waited for the next to last day to qualify as a candidate,” he stated. “Since no one had come forward to run against two ‘suspect’ councillors, I decided to throw my hat in the ring. I performed my due diligence, and I offered an alternative to the status quo. When Aldo DiCarlo entered the race on the final nomination day, I researched his campaign, and believe there now is a more viable alternative for mayor of Amherstburg.”

Adler added that, “Aldo is the complete package. He’s exactly what Amherstburg needs.”

Adler said he is someone who can spot talent and that is what he has spotted in DiCarlo.

“(DiCarlo) is the right man for the job,” declared Adler. “I’d like to see him win.”

Adler, known locally for his business and media backgrounds, said he called DiCarlo and offered to support him in any way he could.

“It’s my take you have to know what your lot is in life,” said Adler. “My lot in life is to back off.”

Despite Adler’s desire to withdraw, the town is stating his name will still appear on the Oct. 27 ballot. Elections co-ordinator Jerry Marion said that according to Section 36 of the Municipal Elections Act, “a person may withdraw his or her nomination by filing a written withdrawal in the Clerk’s office before 2 p.m. on nomination day.”

Nomination day was Sept. 12.

“Regrettably, Mr. Adler’s request came after the deadline for withdrawals. We are therefore unable to accept his request to withdraw from the campaign to run for Mayor of Amherstburg.  His name will appear on the ballot,” said Marion. “We can’t honour his wish because we don’t have the power to do it.”

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