Adler back in the mayoral race


Marty Adler

Marty Adler

By Ron Giofu


He’s in, then out, then back in again.

Marty Adler is back in the mayoral race after he learned that he can’t officially withdraw from it. Adler said that once he received confirmation from the town that he can’t pull out of the race, he decided to forge ahead with his campaign although he noted that he had cancelled work on his signs and campaign materials.

“It looks like I’m back in,” said Adler. “I’m caught between a rock and a hard place so I’m going to continue to run.”

Adler acknowledges there will be those who state that he can’t make up his mind, but he believes that “I’m for the best for Amherstburg.” He said a mayor has to be a spokesperson and keep things together “and I can certainly do that.” Adler had endorsed fellow candidate Aldo DiCarlo for the mayor’s job and said that DiCarlo addressed the “technical aspects” of the job on blogs. However, he stated Thursday that DiCarlo would have to overcome his union background and alluded to the ongoing labour dispute at the University of Windsor between faculty and administration.

“I think I can be the best mayor,” said Adler. “I get things done and I don’t take crap from anyone.”

Adler called candidates John Sutton and Ron Sutherland “tainted” as they sit on the current council as councillor and deputy mayor respectively. As for the recent positive stories coming out of town hall, Adler said “these are all coming out after they were already posted on my website.”

Recalling the Soupy Sales song “I’d Give $1,000 to be a Millionaire,” Adler said he is a candidate that will come out in favour of spending. He said that making all the necessary hookups into the new wastewater treatment plant, including Pump Station #2, would have great long-term benefits for the town as he claimed there are 800 lots that would be opened up for development.

“Everyone wants to hold the line on spending,” said Adler. “We are not as bad as people are making us out to be. I’m not going to hold the line on spending and I’m going to spend where it’s necessary.”

There is “so much dissention” on the current council and believed most votes should be 7-0.

“I think I can be a mayor that stimulates council,” he said. “I can make people better. I can make council better.”

Adler said he will attend the all-candidates night, which for mayor and deputy mayor candidates is Oct. 16 at the Verdi Club. He plans to state his case and leave it up to the voters, though believed the town needs a mayor that isn’t currently part of council.

Councillor candidates have their all-candidates night Oct. 15, also at the Verdi Club.

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