Adler aims to bring business, marketing and media background to mayor’s chair


Marty Adler

Marty Adler

By Ron Giofu


A business owner and former media personality has thrown his hat in the ring and is seeking the mayor’s chair.

Marty Adler, a former show host and sports broadcaster, is running for mayor. Adler stated he would joke with Mayor Wayne Hurst that if Hurst didn’t run, he would and when Hurst announced his intention not to run in July, Adler began seriously thinking about a run himself.

“I come from a world of business, marketing and media, all things I think Amherstburg could benefit from,” said Adler.

Council needs a “makeover,” he believed, adding that he could help in that regard.

In addition to his broadcasting background, Adler noted that he started Jupiter Computer Games in the mid-1970s before selling it in the early 1980s and then founded Great Lakes Television during a strike at CBC in 1982. He noted he has written and produced several commercials and shows as well as corporate videos.

“I never started any business until I could pay for the business,” said Adler. “I didn’t buy anything unless I knew I had the money or the money coming in, something that’s been an issue in this community.”

Adler believes all members of council love their community but doesn’t believe they received financial information in the past that was complete or as informative as they should be.

“They have to be able to think with their heads, not their hearts,” said Adler.

The perception of Amherstburg has to change, he believes, and he said he would avoid saying “no comment” on issues. If he had to, Adler said “I would tell you why I’m saying ‘no comment’.” Stating what the media has been reporting about Amherstburg has been correct and factual, Adler said the media is looking at the town with a “half-empty” point-of-view.

“I will look at things as half-full,” he said.

Adler added “I would actually want the press in all of my meetings. I want them to see how we interact.”

Things in Amherstburg aren’t as bad as people are led to believe, he stated.

“Amherstburg isn’t in as much trouble as people think they are,” he said. “We have to get the word out.”

Adler noted the town is a corporation and he outlined what he believes is the purpose of a corporation.

“The purpose of a corporation is to make money for its shareholders,” said Adler. “The shareholders of the town of Amherstburg are its taxpayers.”

Adler said he has heard from developers who are “chomping at the bit” to get projects started here, adding development is a key to keep taxes in line or even getting taxes lowered.

“The more development in Amherstburg, the more taxes go to the town and more taxes means we can cover more of our expenses,” said Adler.

Adler quoted figures put forth by director of finance Justin Rousseau that 61 per cent of the town’s debt is tied up in the wastewater treatment plant. He believed the town’s financial issues are “good people doing bad spending” with money they didn’t have and said he wants to keep properties that are making money and sell properties that aren’t.

As for the Deloitte report, Adler said he was annoyed the report didn’t ask questions of those who used to work in the finance department.

“Where are they today and why did they leave?” Adler asked.

Getting people to want to come to Amherstburg is another priority.

“What I’m going to do is make Amherstburg a location on everyone’s list,” he said. “Once in Amherstburg, it’s up to us to sell them.”

Believing a hotel would act as an “anchor” in Amherstburg, Adler said he would like to see an investor build a hotel, marina and playhouse on the site where Duffy’s currently stands.

“You’d have people coming from far and wide,” said Adler. “It would be a destination that Windsor doesn’t have – a playhouse with a small-town feel.”

Making people better is something that Adler said he has done throughout his career and states he would continue that if elected mayor. He acknowledged he hasn’t served on council before, but believed that “maybe that’s to my advantage.”

“I think I can find a way to make good news front page news,” he said.

During his career, Adler said he did what was necessary to be number one and would bring that attitude to the mayor’s office.


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