ACS seeking artists to participate in “Community Walls” project


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Amherstburg Community Services is pleased to announce the “Community Walls” project, an on-site mural space. As an organization, ACS is committed to providing both services and facilitation of community involvement. Knowing murals very often become landmarks in the community, this initiative may help further the outreach of ACS and introduce our services to new demographics and opportunities. As well, this project will be used strategically as a vehicle to enhance community awareness of ACS throughout Amherstburg and surrounding areas. We view it as a building block, which will offer future possibilities in programming, community involvement, and generational collaboration.

Why Murals

A central purpose in creating a community mural space is to give a visual voice to our community. The design process should be seen as a collaborative activity that openly involves members of a community and a learning center (ACS).  Public art, especially when done by community members themselves, can assist with the impact of the economic, environmental, health and social issues that many communities face today.

• Murals can help define the cultural identity of a neighborhood, by building goodwill and pride in the community
• Fosters community partnerships
• Murals promote public safety and violence reduction, while spurring youth development and education through art.
• Murals give the artist in the community a positive means to express their identity and form a sense of ownership, civic pride, and investment in the community.
• Mural programs are important vocational training opportunities for youth, and can lead to careers as painters, graphic designers, or commercial artists.

2014 Mural Theme- “What Community Means to Me”

This project is open to all visual artists with all styles of mural painting welcome, judges will select four artists to each contribute a mural to our space. Artists will be supplied with material costs and a honourarium. The first phase of this project will begin with artist identification and end with mural placement, which will run from June to September. Our hope is to use this project as a platform to further engage citizens and promote interaction, mentoring and cultural collaboration to offer opportunities for different demographics to work and learn together.

For details about the project, downloadable forms and eligibility, please visit

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