Academic feats celebrated at Amherst


By Joel Charron

General Amherst High School gathered to celebrate their top students on Monday night at the Ciociaro Club with 500 parents and students.

Essex County School Board representative Helga Bailey was in attendance to help celebrate the student’s accomplishments with them and their parents and spoke of how much it meant to her to be there.

“I am delighted to be here this evening, in fact I consider this an honour and a privilege,” Bailey said when addressing the crowd.  “I would like to thank the parents and families for providing these students with the love and daily support that allows them to succeed.”


General Amherst’s Top Dog Award winners (given to the students with the highest grade average.)
(L to R) Grade 10 , Dale Dupont, Grade 11 Alicia Beneteau and Grade 9 Matt Pardo.

General Amherst Principal Hazel Keefner spoke of the wide spectrum of students that had achieved such high marks during the year, regardless of their other commitments.

“We are extremely proud of these students and thank you for sharing in this

celebration,” said Keenfer. “I’m very proud of the 213 students that are receiving awards tonight.”

The crowd was treated to a performance by soloists Sydney Matlock and Jenna Meloche.

Sixteen students were honoured with the Principal’s Roll of Academic Excellence 90 percent Club.

Grade 9, Matt Pardo, Chantal Charlton, Avery Brush, Abbie Barron, Brittany Woods, Briana Schipper, Madison Broadbent, Joel Rorseth and Jenessa Shaw.

Grade 10, Dale Dupont, Eric Parker, Emily DiCarlo, Zac Sinasac.

Grade 11, Alicia Beneteau, Jenna Deslippe, Adam Pillon.

The Top Dog Award for the highest Grade average for grades 9 to 11 were:

Grade 9: Matt Pardo

Grade 10: Dale Dupont

Grade 11: Alicia Beneteau.

Before the students and their families parted ways for the evening, vice principal Jon Procter had some advice for the students.

“You can be what you want to be, all you have to do is want enough,” he said.

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  1. Vic DiNardo says:

    Nice to see former Saint Theresa students do so well.
    You make us proud