A’Burg’s first marriage license given to elderly couple

By Joel Charron

Love is ageless.

That’s certainly the case with Emerentia Cunera, 85 and Peter Manshade, 87.

On Friday, March 4 the couple was presented with the town’s first marriage license.

Mayor Wayne Hurst was on hand to deliver the elderly couple the proper documentation in order to tie the knot as well a bouquet of red roses.

Emerentia Cunera plants a smooch on her fiancee, Peter Manshade, after the couple received their marriage license from the town

The couple said they have known each other for over 50 years and were friends when their spouses were still alive. Cunera was married for 53 years, while Manshade was married for 59 years.

The couple moved in with each other roughly a year and a half ago.

“I would have married her a year and a half ago, but I figured she had to get used to me first,” joked Manshade.

The vibrant Manshade proposed to his future wife about a month ago, which came as no surprise to Cunera.

“I wasn’t surprised at all,” said Cunera, beaming as she starred at Manshade.

Manshade said he wasn’t nervous when he popped the question because he already knew the answer.

The couple will be married on Friday, March 11 at St. John the Baptist Church.

When asked if the couple were getting cold feet Cunera said,

“My feet are very warm.”

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