A’Burg Police kick off fraud prevention program

By Joel Charron

The Amherstburg Police and McDonald’s are teaming up to prevent point of sale fraud.

On Thursday morning Amherstburg Police Chief Tim Berthiaume along with Senior Constable Mike Cox and Auxiliary officer Gord Ciphery paid a visit to the local McDonald’s to kick-start a new program to help local businesses fight fraud in the area.

McDonald's manager June Reybroek and Sr. Constable Mike Cox apply the red security label to one of five point of sale terminals.

Cox applied a red security label to all five of the McDonald’s point of sale terminals.

“Computer chips were inserted into the point of sale terminals in this region and were duplicating peoples debit cards,” said Police Chief Tim Berthiaume.

The red labels are tamper proof and once they are in place if anyone tries to remove or tamper with the labels the word VOID will be left on the point of sale terminals once the label is removed.

“It’s a simple process,” said Berthiaume. “It’s a red label that is placed on the terminal.”

There are two types of terminals that can be affected. The low risk terminals, which are secured to a base, and the high-risk terminals, which are actually handed to the customer.

The program is available to all businesses and Berthiaume said he hopes all local businesses take advantage of it.

“This is not a mandatory program,” said Berthiaume. “However, if there are any businesses wishing to participate, all you have

In Photo: (L to R) Auxiliary Officer Gord Ciphery, Police Chief Tim Berthiaume, McDonald's manager June Reybroek, Shift Manager Laureen Pohanka and Sr. Constable Mike Cox. The Amherstburg McDonald's is the first business to take part in the fraud prevention program.

to do is call the station and we will put you on our list.”

To get on the list, the business owner has to place a phone call to the Amherstburg Police Station and ask for Sr. Constable Cox. He will then put the business on a list and arrange a time for an auxiliary officer to visit the business and apply the security label to the point of sale terminal.

Berthiaume also added that the program would be run by the auxiliary officers.

“This program will not take any of our officers off the street,” he said.

Although. the Amherstburg McDonald’s manager June Reybroek said they have not experienced any fraud involving their terminals; their involvement in the fraud prevention program was a good idea.

“Debit machines are being stolen a lot in this area and anything we can do to help stop it and beware is a good thing,” said Reybroek. “Anything to help the community.”

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