A’burg Police boot up YIPI Program for summer

By Joel Charron

There is a new face floating around the Amherstburg Police Station this summer.

General Amherst student Yvette Marentette, 16, is getting a first-hand look at policing as a potential career thanks to a provincial grant funded through the Ministry of Children and Social Services, known as Youth in Policing Initiative, otherwise known as the “YIPI” program.

This is the second consecutive year the Amherstburg Police has been involved with the program.

“We are very pleased to once again be a part of this program,” said deputy police chief Pat Palumbo.

According to Palumbo, Marentette will assist in a number of daily operations at the station such as clerical work to washing police cruisers.

Palumbo added that Marenettte’s main focus will be helping the police with three major campaigns they have in the summer.


Yvette Maremtette slips a “Water Watch” brochure under windsheild wiper of a car. Maremtette will assisting the police with a number of projects throughout the summer

Marenette will be out and about handing out brochures for the “Lock it or Lose it” campaigned, aimed at encouraging residents to keep their car doors locked.

“We want to educate people about keeping their cars locked, especially in the summer months,” said Palumbo.

She will also be helping with the  “Water Watch” and the “Target Hardening” campaigns. The ‘Water Watch” campaign is aimed at keeping a watchful eye on the coast and be mindful of human smuggling while the “Target Hardening” campaign is to help businesses ensure their debit machines are not being tampered with.

With only a few weeks under her belt, Marenette said she’s enjoying the employment opportunity.

“I like it, it’s been pretty fun,” she said. “It’s a new experience.”

Marentette, who boxes at Fighting Island Boxing Club where Palumbo is a board member, said she was approached by Fighting Island president Joe LeBlanc about the opportunity.

“I needed a job and I got the phone call from Joe one day telling me he had a job for me,” she explained.

Marentette admits, growing up her and her friend were never “big fans of the police” however since being involved with the YIPI Program and getting to know the officers, her perspective has changed.

“Now that I’m here and meeting people I realized they are not bad people,” said Marentette. “They are people like you and me. They’re just doing their job.”

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