A’burg Fire Department conducts emergency training exercises


By Joel Charron

The Amherstburg Fire Department (AFD) is keeping on their toes.

On Wednesday, Sept. 19 all three Amherstburg Fire stations were conducting training exercises at Pickering Towers.

The training exercise simulated two separate scenarios, a fifth floor fire in a high raise building and a mock rescue in an underground garage.

“Once the guys are done today they will pretty much have done every task that’s involved in a high rise fire,” said Amherstburg Fire Capt. Dave Wharram. “Whether it would be hooking a stand pipe, pulling hose from one truck to the hydrant or doing searching and rescue on the fifth floor. There are a lot of different tasks that our guys will be put through.”

According to Capt. Dave Wharram he and Deputy Fire Chief Jim Ouellette had been planning the training exercise for roughly two-three months.

“We wanted to get the right timeline and we had to find the right building,” said Wharram. “We want to train but you have to keep everything open for the public. “


Two A’burg firefighters climb up a ladder as part of the high rise training exercise last Wednesday.

Wharram said the AFD welcomes the public to observe their training methods, however he noted if there were a real fire boundaries would be set at a safe distance.

Although all three Amherstburg fire stations conduct their own training exercises on a weekly basis all three stations were brought to learn how to battle a high rise blaze.

“Because Station two and three are rural and don’t have high rises, they attend these drills to bring them up to date on the standard,” said Wharram.

The AFD conduct exercises that involve all three stations several occasions throughout the year, however Wharram noted that Fire Chief Randy Sinasac has been pushing mutual aid training.

Sinasac said holding such training exercises is beneficial to Amherstburg and its residents.

“It keeps us on the leading edge of the latest technology and procedure in regards to high rise fires,” said Sinasac. “It enables us to effectively intervene when there is an incident under high rise conditions, which is unusual, which is why we include all three stations, so everyone is prepared.”


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