A’burg drummer advances to semi finals in UK band competition


By Joel Charron

An Amherstburg born drummer is hoping that his band can make waves in the U.K. music scene.

Colin Marshall, 21, is in the band The Antidote along with friends Moritz Muller, Jack Barclay and Joe Jeffryes and the alternative rock band is heading for the semi-finals of Britain’s “Live and Unsigned” competition.

The Guildford, England based band qualified for the semi-finals after performing at the Beck Theatre in Hayes, England March 11.

According to Marshall, The Antidote is one of five bands and five solo acts to advance from their region and are one of 250 bands still left in the competition.

The competition started with roughly 10,000 bands.

“You always want to win these competitions and come out on top,” said Marshall. “But being one of 250 band from 10,000 makes you feel pretty good.”


The Antidote, a England-based band featuring Amherstburg's Colin Marshall, has made the semi-finals of the U.K. music competition Live & Unsigned. Band members include (from left): Joe Jeffryes, Marshall, Moritz Muller and Jack Barclay.

Success in the overall final in July means they could also be playing against top performers from Scotland and Wales as well. Winners of “Live and Unsigned” get to play at the O2 Arena in London as well as receiving 10,000 pounds for band development. There is also the opportunity to be part of a documentary being filmed for the British TV network ITV-1.

Marshall mentioned that The Antidote is confident they could win the competition, howeverthe group is v very grateful in “just to get their name out there.”

“We’re going into this saying that we can do this, that we’re going to do this, this is why we are a band,” explained Marshall.  “However if we don’t, everything we’ve got from it has helped us so much that we could still be ok with the fact if we don’t make it.”

Marshall said they didn’t find out they moved on until the very end.  The 21-year-old drummer described the experience as “hell on earth” and mentioned that when the band names were being called the thought of not advancing was a “scary thought.” Marshall compared the feeling to a hockey player being the last pick in the draft.

“It was torture,” he said. “But when our name was called, I tried not to get carried away but I ended up picking a few people up.”

Marshall said the band plans on writing new material before the next round of competition on May 19 at the Beck Theatre.

If the Antidote advances to the finals of Live & Unsigned, Marshall said some family members are expected to fly in from Canada to watch.

Check out the bands website at www.theantidoteuk.com.

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