A’Burg Public student scores in top four in Math Olympics

By Joel Charron

Keely Gibb is one smart pre-teen.

The 12-year-old, Grade 7 Amherstburg Public School student participated in the Windsor-Essex Mathematics Olympics (WEMO) at the University of Windsor on March 5 and walked away with fourth place.

“I’m really happy and proud of myself,” said Gibb on her accomplishment.

Roughly, 200 students across the region took part in WEMO. The competition was open to any students in Grades 7 and 8. Gibb said her teacher asked her to compete because of her high marks in math.

Keely Gibb, 12, surpirsed herself when her name was called as one of the top four in the Windsor Essex Mathematics Olympics held recently

The competition took place at the Education Building on the University of Windsor campus.

There were two components of the WEMO.

First was an individual test that had to be completed in the auditorium.

The 12-year-old admits that she was nervous before coming to the WEMO,  she even told her father Stephen not to stay and wait for her.

“She didn’t want me to watch it, so I went away,” joked Stephen.

After the individual test, which took roughly an hour to complete, the participants were spilt up into teams where they competed in a scavenger hunt and other mathematical exercises such as problem solving.

As all the participants gathered back into the auditorium, Gibb said an anxious feeling started to creep over her.

“I was really anxious because I thought I did really well but I wasn’t sure if I did that well. But my friends were telling me that I did a great job,” explained Gibb.

When Gibb’s name was announced as one of the top four participants a sense of pride rushed through her body.

“It’s always amazing to hear that your kid is doing well in something, it’s quite a thrill,” said Stephen.

Gibb said she would be meeting with the other winners every few weeks to practice more math. She added that they are still putting together the team that will represent the region at the Ontario Math Olympiad at the University of Toronto on June 3 and 4.

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