A’burg Public invites parents into JK classroom for hands-on learning

By Joel Charron

Amherstburg Public School understands the importance of a parent’s role in the learning development of its students.

On Friday, Dec. 2 parents were welcomed in to Suzanne Shepley’s Junior Kindergarten’s class as part as a literacy lesson.

“The parents are here learning about how  they can help their child at home,” said Shepley.

During the hour and a half long session, parents followed their children to 20 different learning centers dealing with numerous topics involving literacy.


Junior kindergarten teach Suzanne Shepley works with students on word syllables while parents Mac-Jane Hui (far left) and Kathy Jones (far right) look on.

“It’s about letter formation, letter sounds, reading words, writing words,” said Shepley. “It’s all about literacy.”

Shepley said the reason why Amherstburg Public invited the parents is because they want the parent to be involved with the children’s development and what they can do to help.

“We want them to know how to help out,” explained Shepley.

Shepley noted that this is the first time the Junior Kindergarten class has attempted a program like this at this young of an age.

“The children seem to really like it. They get to show off to their parents what they can really do,” Shepley said.

Kathy Jones, whose son Kyle attends the class, said programs like this can only benefit the child.

“A child’s learning needs to be a partnership between the school and the parent,” said Jones. “Opportunities like this to come into the classroom are only going to help the child.”

Jones added, as a parent it is a “blast” for her to come into the classroom and see what he is learning.

“I get to understand what he’s doing at home and know I can help him with it,” she said.

Jones mentioned that if parents learn the same learning techniques that the children are taught at school, it would only accelerate the child’s capacity for learning.

After the session parents were given a take home package containing information of what they saw during the sessions and things they can do at home to help.

“They will be given all the materials to help their child at home,” said Shepley.


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