A’burg Police conduct marine vessel inspections over weekend

By Joel Charron

With the boating season upon us, the Amherstburg Police are ensuring boaters have a fun but safe time on the water with their annual Marine Vehicle Inspection clinic at Ranta Marina, Saturday afternoon.

Amherstburg Police were joined by LaSalle Police, OPP, RCMP, Canada Border Services, Ministry of Transportation and the Canadian Coast to ensure boaters had the proper safety equipment upon their vessel.

Amherstbburg Deputy Mayor, Ron Sutherland was among 20 boats the law enforcement officers inspected during the afternoon. Sutherland said he gets his boat inspected every year.

Sgt. Tim Ford inspects a life jacket to ensure it is up to code.

Amherstburg constable Tim Ford said the inspection takes roughly 15-20 minutes to complete.

Some of the things that they look for are approved life jackets, fire extinguishers, 50 feet of rope, flairs and a valid operating license.

Although 20 boats have been inspected, Ford said the numbers are dramatically down from previous years. In the past, the clinic has inspected 75-100 vessels.

“I can only assume because we have been doing this the past few years people are getting to know what they require as far as safety equipment,” said Ford.

Ford mentioned safety measures are dependent on the size of the boat. He also mentioned that everyone who owns a boat could get it inspected, as owners do not have to be a member at Ranta Marina.

Ford said the majority of boaters are more than happy to allow their boats to be inspected.

“For the most part every boater we’ve come across, they are more than willing to let us come aboard and make sure they are properly prepared for the season,” said Ford. “It’s in their best interest that their safety equipment is in working order.”

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