Villanova students are building towards the future

By Joel Charron

Thanks to a $4,500 grant from Lowes Tool Box for Education program and Skills Canada, Villanova students will be building towards the future.

Villanova construction teacher Larry Triolet submitted the grant application.

The $4,500 grant went to the construction of a “teaching house.”

The “teaching room” is a 11 feet by 16 feet model home aimed at teaching students skilled trades.

The mini-house is for Triolet’s three Grade 11/12-construction classes and was built by his students in just over four weeks. Meloche Windsor donated $1,000 worth of windows and a new saw was purchased from Lowes.

Villanova students Jasmine Regnier, Matt Peltier and Ashly Burkoski cut the ribbon to the schools new “Learning House.”

“They laid out all the flooring, all the walls and all the stairs. The kids did everything,” said Triolet.

Triolet said the teaching house will allow students to learn how to put in floors of all kinds, install and uninstall windows, learn plumbing and electrical work and many other jobs it take to build a new home.

At the end of the year the students will take down all the work they have done to have it ready for next year’s class.

“This is going to be just fantastic,” said Triolet.

Triolet said he came up with the idea for the “teaching house” to help prepare the students who choose to continue their education in a trade at St. Clair College.

“I teach the students so they can flow right into St. Clair College curriculum,” said Triolet.

Triolet added that many of his former students have come back to his class and told his current students how well Triolet’s class prepared them for post-secondary education.

The 12-year construction teacher praised the trade classes Villanova has to offer.

“We have really great teachers here and we all work together,” added Triolet.

The students in the construction classes also built all the props for Villanova’s production of Footloose and exercise boxes for the Essex Ravens.

“We have a lot of fun in this class,” said Triolet.

Villanova students Ashly Burkoski said she came into Triolet’s class knowing nothing about construction, however having a hand in building the “teaching room” she is considering a career in rough carpentry.

“I actually learned stuff without knowing I was learning,” said Burkoski.

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