Mudpuppy Gallery debutes art of owners and volunteers

By Joel Charron

It has been quite a while since the Mudpuppy Six and their volunteers have been able to display their latest work, but that has all changed with their latest exhibit.

Gracing the walls of the nearly year-old gallery are the works of those who help run the local art gallery.

The exhibit opened on Thursday, April 28 and will run until Sunday, May 8.

“All the work is of the cooperative group and its volunteers,” said Robert Honor, one of the Mudpuppy Six.

The Mudpuppy Gallery has shown the work of their owners and volunteers only once, when they opened nearly a year ago.

“We have been having a whole series of different shows and showcasing a lot of local artist. We thought it was time to take a couple of weeks to

Work done by Rocco DiPasquale hangs on the walls at the Mudpuppy Gallery.

showcase some of our work that we have done over the last year,” said Honor.

Honor mentioned over the past year, everyone has been busy producing their own art in the time they are not at the gallery.

A piece of work that has caught Honor’s eye, are pieces done by fellow owner Rocco DiPasquale.

“They are just so textural,” said Honor. “It’s interesting the way he uses shapes and the lines. I’ve really enjoyed that.”

Honor mentioned although producing works of art for the public is fun, it can also be a struggle at times.

“Sometimes it’s a struggle to get out what you’re trying to say,” said Honor. “But once it’s done it’s very satisfying. It’s also nice having a venue to display your work for everyone to see.”

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