Dog owner grateful for couple’s efforts in returning pooch


GunnerGunner, a Rottweiler/bloodhound mix, was recently returned to owner Kyle Villeneuve after being found injured with a broken pelvis by Amherstburg residents Karen Lloyd and Tim Stocker. The dog was found by the side of the road early one morning early this month in River Canard and required surgery. SUBMITTED PHOTO


By Ron Giofu


A local dog owner is more than relieved that a pair of Good Samaritans tended to and took care of his lost dog.

Kyle Villeneuve’s dog “Gunner” was missing for a week and was recently found injured alongside the road on Concession 2 North in River Canard by Karen Lloyd and her husband Tim Stocker. The Rottweiler/bloodhound mix required surgery but Villeneuve and his girlfriend Seannaugh Simpson are thrilled to have him back.

“There aren’t really words to express what Seannaugh and I are feeling about the while situation. We are forever grateful to Karen and her husband for turning around when they thought that they saw a dog and we are so appreciative of all the donations that have been made to assist us with Gunner’s medical costs,” said Villeneuve.

Villeneuve acknowledged that a number of donations were made to help with Gunner’s medical costs and was grateful for those and the website that was created to help during the ordeal.

“When our friends Brad and Laura Renaud told us that they had created the website we though it was great. We truly do have some amazing friends,” said Villeneuve. “I would like to thank Eric Wigle for driving me to pick Gunner up that night.”

The website is now closed, added Villeneuve, but he said “we raised a considerable amount in the days that it was open.

“We plan on paying every ounce of that generosity forward starting with Karen’s fundraiser at the Amherstburg Legion (last Saturday),” he said.

Lloyd and her husband belong to the Cat Assistance Team (CAT) and they held a fundraiser at Royal Canadian Legion Br. 157 this past Saturday night.

Villeneuve also reported that Gunner is “in the healing process” after his surgery.

Lloyd said she and Tim were returning from a Lions Club function in Tilbury during the early morning hours of Nov. 3 when they spotted an animal laying on the side of the road. After having seen multiple postings about a lost dog in the area on Facebook, they turned around and went back.

“I said ‘maybe it’s a dog’ and sure enough, it was Gunner,” said Lloyd.

The couple called Villeneuve and tended to Gunner as best they could in the meantime. Lloyd said the dog wouldn’t eat at first even though a nearby homeowner brought out a plate of roast beef for him. Once Villeneuve approached, the dog’s spirits soon picked up and he relaxed.

“He knew the truck,” said Stocker. “His head picked up. His tail was wagging.”

The dog sustained a broken pelvis and Lloyd said the surgery was roughly $5,000. They collected over $4,500 through online website That sight is now closed, but Lloyd advised that people who still want to make monetary donations towards Gunner’s vet bills can do so through the e-mail and mention “Gunner” in the subject line.

Stocker noted the cause even caught the attention of South Korean schoolchildren as they donated $150.

The couple declined the $500 reward, noting as members of an animal care group they did not want to accept the money for doing a good deed for an animal.

“We wouldn’t have taken anything anyway,” said Stocker.

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